Letter: Don’t Rush Into A K-Park Deal

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to Wellington Village Manager Paul Schofield and to the Town-Crier for publication.

I would like my thoughts to be passed along to the Wellington Village Council as they are debating use of the K-Park site this June, after proposals are submitted.

Taking the long-term view, I see no reason currently to find a use for the land until a unique idea presents itself, and that may take a decade or so. What is the rush? We surely do not need another park or a filling station. A home for a technology company, probably medically related, might be a good idea, but it should be the right one and tie into the education and training of our community’s young people.

But for now and the foreseeable future, what we are now doing with the land, using it for the growth of organic vegetables, which pays a little extra to the Wellington over its expenses for the property, has tremendous currency for advertising us as a “green-minded,” forward-thinking community, one concerned with the health of its citizens by making such food locally available. I urge the council not just to act for the sake of action in making this important decision about the K-Park property.

Millie McCoy, Wellington