Letter: Honor The Santamarias

Kudos to County Commissioner Jess Santamaria and his entire family. Regardless of one’s political persuasion, one cannot help being fascinated by the deep commitment of this unique Santamaria family to our western communities and beyond.

Their support of various charitable and other organizations, plus many other good deeds, places them at the head of the class. They have brought a new meaning to the term “community involvement.” Never have so few impacted the lives of so many. Despite their workload, they always seem to find the time to attend and give their support to various charitable, political and other social events in our community. Most residents, and especially the readers of the Town-Crier newspaper, are well aware of the Santamarias’ contribution to our society.

As our county commissioner, Jess is the developers’/special interests’ worst nightmare because he is knowledgeable, and his vote is not for sale. At commission meetings, he can often be seen mounting a one-man campaign to eliminate waste of our tax dollars and protect our interests. His unwavering campaign for transparency in government and his support for the Office of the Inspector General makes him simply the best. We, the people, should not miss any opportunity to thank the Santamaria family for the tremendous job they are doing and encourage them to keep up the good work. They are motivated by philanthropy. It is time for us to show just how much we admire, respect and appreciate this incredible family by, may I suggest, naming a school, park, building or street after the Santamarias in recognition of their contribution to our society.

How about it?

Karl Witter, The Acreage