Interesting Facts About Your Fabulous Feet


Let’s talk tootsies! Did you know that some 80 percent of American adults have suffered from a form of foot pain, ache, itch, etc. And, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, toenail problems are the most common. But let’s not make light of sweaty feet or pain on the ball of the foot or heel.

Thus, digest this checklist of some highly recommended tips to keep those vital “hot dogs” in good form.

First, check your feet often, if not daily. For example, if they appear thick or discolored, you might have a fungus. Changes in skin color or cracks, cuts or peeling on the soles are indications of athlete’s foot. Joint stiffness could be arthritis, while numbness might be an early warning of diabetes.

One especially interesting idea is to cut your toenails straight, not curved, and keep the shape squared with the tips of your toes. And girls, thank the Loyola University Health System for affirming that high heels, especially the pointed toe version, is a leading cause of ingrown toenails.

Keep this one in mind: The best time to shop for new shoes turns out to be late in the day, when your feet tend to be the biggest, so you attain the best fit. Good luck!