Letter: Stop The Exaggeration

Some bright person equated disallowing the huge commercial aspect and a large hotel in the middle of our pristine Equestrian Preserve to closing down Pebble Beach (golf) and Wimbledon (tennis), yet nothing is being closed down in the preserve. Where’s the truth? This is pure bombast and totally not analogous.

What is happening is that Wellington Chamber of Commerce, leading the charge, is crying about their three candidates losing their election and now spend their time taking pot shots at our village.

The only ones who think our village is “anti-business” are the chamber, coincidentally whose last president, Michael Stone, is a partner with Mark Bellissimo, the CEO of the enterprise wanting to build the huge non-equestrian components.

With the exception of the Equestrian Preserve over-development, nothing has been refused to business, and the council just cut back on business fees.

As I drive around my community, I witness a few new restaurants going up, a huge development plan for the Wellington Regional Medical Center vicinity, a new residential community going up south of Forest Hill Blvd. on State Road 7, and other buildings being constructed that I haven’t the foggiest idea what they are. All in all, nothing has changed except one developer is being cut back in scale. I can think of no other community having this much development as we are at present.

People screaming, and headlines saying “Wellington is anti-business” is harmful, and it emanates from chamber members. It is politically motivated and is composed of people directly and indirectly involved with the developer/chamber and the losers of our recent elections.

I would hope that in the future, the village manager or our elected officials might be queried about this. One side of a story is wholly insufficient.

Cicero said, “Tempest in a teapot,” and Shakespeare said, “Much ado about nothing.” These words are quite applicable here and now. This is about 200 acres out of about 46 square miles of land. This is about two unbending forces, led by two well-to-do men, one on each side, and our village is caught in between!

It is the equestrians, who first organized against the over commercialization of the preserve, versus a group who cares not about defiling our pristine area, in my opinion. I would hope that an accommodation is found to allow dressage development, but please no hotel or large business complex.

George Unger


  1. This Unger guy has no clue. The council is destroying the dressage industry. Europeans ar already canceling plans to come here.

    People had started buying houses in the depressed Polo Isles community. Millions are being lost by people and businesses of Wellington.

    And then the Crier prints a misleading letter from a person who obviously seeks attention and who will do so using inflammatory fabricated statements.

  2. Why is Unger given the same standing as sne people? This guy has infected the Crier with his misleading rants for years. He is a nut.

  3. George, at least get your fights right. The recent master plan issue and the dressage arena, commercial area, hotel issue are two different items. The recent master plan potential reversal would have resulted in a road being removed, a different road put in, and potentially a large number of existing items to be torn down. Unless your purpose is simply to complain and hear yourself talking, at least apply your opinion to the issue you’re complaining about.

  4. Hi. I will support for people. The duty of political leaders is to satisfy the people’s needs, not to develop their property.

    • This is what the Florida Constitution has to say about what politicians are suppose to be doing:
      “We, the people of the State of Florida, being grateful to Almighty God for our constitutional liberty, in order to secure its benefits, perfect our government, insure domestic tranquility, maintain public order, and guarantee equal civil and political rights to all, do ordain and establish this constitution.”
      I don’t see anything in the Federal Constitution or the Florida Constitution about giving out stuff to people to satisfy their needs. That would be the progressive model of socialist countries.

  5. George, aren’t you the guy who dislikes corporations, development, industry and anything that isn’t government sponsored? So doesn’t that make you the poster child for anti-business?

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