Letter: Super PAC Woes In Wellington

When I first heard that a quasi-Super PAC was funding the election of three men to the Wellington Village Council in order to further their own interests, I couldn’t believe this was happening in Wellington. In my mind it spelled trouble, and that has come to pass.

Over the years there have been controversies the council has had to deal with. That is part of being an elected official. The newly elected members, some of whom have previously served on the council, were part of rational decision making made in the best interests of the community. It is very disconcerting that now these same officials have suddenly turned Wellington’s future upside down. This on-again, off-again indecision on the part of the council is sending a message of out-of-control governing that is affecting the best interests of the whole community.

Because of this indecision, the worst-case scenario has come to pass. Decisions for the future of the Wellington Equestrian Festival are in limbo. The attempt to host the World Equestrian Games in 2018 is now a non-issue due to apparent lack of support by the council. The time lost and money spent by all parties because of this fiasco could have been put to a more positive use. It appears that the equestrian community is being treated as intruders by the present council. Before we lose those who are the heart of the community, let’s get our act together.

Debra Smith