Stocked N Loaded To Provide Food At Cruzan

Stocked N Loaded, a gourmet food truck and catering service owned and operated by Chef Dave Rashty, has signed a deal to provide all of the concession food for the 2012 concert series at the Cruzan Amphitheatre, in partnership with Aramark.

Stocked N Loaded is known for providing its patrons with fresh, delicious food using classic French techniques and modern flavor profiles, and now it will be offering their delectable food at the Cruzan Amphitheatre. The gourmet, upscale menu will be available in the VIP areas and also at three carts and three food trucks strategically located throughout the 19,000-seat open-air venue, too.

Rashty himself is a classically trained French chef, and his abundant knowledge and skills undoubtedly will be reflected by the menu selections he is going to offer at the amphitheater. “We plan on offering a varied menu, customized to each event,” Rashty said. “For instance, the night of the Dave Mathews Band concert, we will be serving ribs, pulled pork and alligator chili.”

Rashty and Stocked N Loaded plan to offer some special amenities for the concert patrons. By the beginning of the concert series, they will have an app available to all box-seat ticket holders to use. By downloading this new app, concert-goers will be able to order their evening’s food selections and remain in their seats and enjoy the music. The staff from Stocked N Loaded will do the rest. They will cook and deliver the food to them when it is ready — right to their seat. For those who can’t decide what to eat or maybe they just want something to share with their friends, Stocked N Loaded will be offering a sampler platter in the VIP section, too.

For more information about Stocked N Loaded, visit or contact Rashty at


Above: Chef Dave Rashty in front of the Stocked N Loaded truck.