High-End Dining And Great Entertainment At The Grille

Serving up trendy cuisine, the Grille Fashion Cuisine is an upscale restaurant in Wellington. Owners Juan Gando, Dustin Parfitt and Clay Carnes opened the restaurant in October 2011.

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The Grille has turned into not only a place to go for quality food but also a place for great nightlife and entertainment. The owners wanted to create a place where people could enjoy high-quality food and a fun night out with friends, family or a date.

“The kind of food we have, you won’t find it anywhere,” Gando said. “It is really good Palm Beach–style food.”

All three of the owners met at Cucina Dell’Arte, where they worked as chefs. “We all worked together and bring all our styles here,” Gando said. “But our main thing here is grilled food with a little bit of everything.”

The Grille offers daily specials, except for Mondays during the summer when it is closed. The large expansive bar also includes a daily happy hour from 4 to 6 p.m. The specials vary by day of the week. On Tuesdays, bottles of wine are half off; on Wednesdays, appetizers are half off; on Thursdays, drinks are half off; Fridays are Latin nights; Saturdays are bingo karaoke nights from 9 p.m. to midnight; and on Sundays, there are brunch specials and $20 all-you-can-eat ribs.

Bingo karaoke nights have become a new popular form of local entertainment and dining. The evening begins with dinner, followed by entertainment with host Josh Cohen. Cohen first welcomes the guests and announces the grand entrance parade. This parade pleasantly surprises the attendees as the DJ plays “Be Our Guest” from the movie Cinderella, and the servers and host come out in character costumes waving large sparklers in the air.

“It’s not your average bingo,” Gando said. “Josh Cohen makes it fun because he interacts with the people.”

There is also a live DJ, as well as various prizes and free drinks to be won. “You never get bored playing this bingo,” Gando said. “Everybody is laughing, dancing, singing and having fun.”

After Cohen picks a ball, he challenges people to do certain things, from dancing on the table to answering trivia. The night is filled with comedy, drinking, dancing and prizes.

Grille General Manager Ximena Cordero, who learned about this style of bingo after attending one in New York, developed the idea. The owners of the Grille don’t want guests to just come and eat; they want them to stay and enjoy their night.

With much to do every night of the week, the owners are prepared to continue serving up fresh, high-end food. “We have a full bar every night with the best wines and liquors,” Gando said. “The kitchen will be open all night until we close, so people can order food and eat while they are playing, singing, dancing and just having fun.”

As experienced restaurateurs, Gando and Parfitt are also the owners of Oli’s Fashion Cuisine in Wellington. Their success with Oli’s led to the opening of the Grille, but this time they teamed up with internationally experienced chef Clay Carnes.

The Grille is located at 12300 South Shore Blvd. in Wellington. For more information, visit www.thegrillefashioncuisine.com or call (561) 793-2110.


Above: Grille Fashion Cuisine owners Clay Carnes, Juan Gando and Dustin Parfitt.


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