Letter: Don’t Let One Party Dictate Dressage Terms

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to last week’s letter “Jacobs Supports Dressage… With Conditions.”

After reading Lou Jacobs’ list of conditions Mark Bellissimo and his partners must adhere to for his dressage arena approval (limited hours and no concerts, fireworks, lights or loudspeakers), I am convinced this guy thinks he is God.

Instead of working with Mark and his partners to make dressage events appealing to the average Wellington family that brings families to see local cheerleaders, bands and an entertainment venue with an equestrian event, Mr. Jacobs wants to control all equestrian events in Wellington to his personal liking. That should be Mr. Bellissimo’s opportunity to help introduce dressage to non-equestrians and increase attendance, which benefits all of us. Increased attendance brings us more part-time jobs for youth and seniors, and our local small nearby businesses.

This type of obstruction and interference should not guide the Wellington Village Council from making the right decision for the good of the entire community, not a select few.

Al Paglia


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