Letter: End The Scourge Of Fireworks

On Aug. 10, after sundown, around 9 p.m., someone in Wellington near where I live set off a barrage of fireworks, short-lived but equivalent, in my opinion, to a powerful professional display, at least in so far as the noise it made. One blast was so loud that it seemed to shake the ground. As my cats came running in from the patio, I thought it must be gunfire.

But then I saw my neighbors running out from their houses to see what the noise was and where it was coming from. The aftermath of this incident has been considerable. For myself and some of my neighbors, it was very disconcerting and ruined our peaceful Friday evening. For one neighbor, it caused his dog to bolt and run away. As of this writing, the dog has not returned or been found, even though many people have been looking for her.

The person who set off these untimely fireworks was not only inconsiderate but may also have broken the law. It’s bad enough for animals and people who dislike sudden loud noises have to endure this rude and possibly illegal behavior on Jan. 1 and July 4 every year, but this happened on Aug. 10. Does this mean that it’s now a free-for-all concerning fireworks?

In [previous Town-Crier editorials], you relate that “…it’s illegal to buy, sell or explode consumer fireworks, even on your own property unless you have a permit for public display…”

It appears that the problem is, by nature, almost impossible for law enforcement to prevent, so why does the State of Florida allow the sale of illegal fireworks? Is it money? Since the Aug. 10 incident, I have been very concerned for the safety and well-being of animals, not to mention people, when fireworks are used by non-professionals. What can or will be done about this dangerous trend of people who simply disregard the law? It seems to be more common with each passing year.

Judy Spahl