Update From ITID On Tropical Storm Isaac

The Indian Trail Improvement District has released the following update about Tropical Storm Isaac:

• Palm Beach County is opening their Emergency Shelter at the South Florida Fairgrounds at 7 pm Monday. They have limited transportation ability to assist people with being able to get to the shelter.

• ITID is closing at least 128 intersections on thru roads except for emergency vehicles.

• Flooded thru roads will be closed (except for emergency response vehicles) – watch for barricades

• These roads will remain closed (except for emergency response vehicles) until the flooding has subsided, which may take several days.

• USE EXTREME CAUTION. Please stay at home if possible. AVOID flooded intersections at night.

• ITID has been pumping. ITID is still pumping. ITID will continue to pump.

• All ITID pump stations continue to pump now.

• ITID has received over 10+ inches of rainfall according to SFWMD.

• As of Monday, there was a potential for more rain over the next 24 hours

• ITID is working with the other local agencies — SFWMD, PBC, FPL and neighboring municipalities — to coordinate

• Downed power lines should be reported to FPL at (561) 697-8000

• In case of a medical emergency, please call 911

• If you are experiencing flooding in your house, please call 911. Palm Beach County has an emergency response unit to assist.

• FPL emergency response units are working in The Acreage.

• For help with horses if flooded, contact Palm Meadows in Boynton Beach, (561) 248-9036.

ITID will continue to monitor the storm and coordinate with SFWMD and all applicable emergency personnel.