Letter: Beware The Council Majority

It seems that the Wellington Village Council “majority of three” are again being true to their financial contributors. Our council approved in August the Grille restaurant to be able operate with extended nighttime hours of operation and adhere to state and village liquor laws that put them on equal footing with the nearby Players Club, also on South Shore Blvd.

However, since that approval, which the Grille restaurant rightly petitioned for, it appears that Councilman John Greene — an admitted close friend of over 30 years of Neil Hirsch, owner of the Players Club — decided the Grille approval was not proper and asked the council to reconsider.

During deliberations held on Sept. 11, the council voted 3-2, with Mayor Bob Margolis and councilmen Matt Willhite and Greene now amending their earlier motion revoking the Grille’s ability to stay open late and serve alcohol in the same manner as the Players Club.

Now the owners of the Grille are prohibited from operating as Neil Hirsch’s Players Club, giving him a distinct advantage in what would have been a competitive environment. Mr. Hirsch is a member of the Jacobs Family Board and key player in helping Green, Margolis and Willhite get elected. He will continue to be able to operate late-night hours not afforded his competition. Vice Mayor Howard Coates called this new amendment “disingenuous” and voted against it, along with Councilwoman Anne Gerwig.

Residents, please tell me that is proper and in good taste for your village council as they treat their favorite business and others in not the same fair and reasonable manner. We saw it with the Wellington Equestrian Partners petitions for the 2018 World Equestrian Games as well as the Equestrian Village project…

So once again it appears that under the guise of “Preserve Wellington,” our majority of three are showing their true colors — allegiance to Mr. Jacobs. Mr. Greene, I would call upon you to live up to your oath and recuse yourself from such close relations when you make an important vote and do the right thing.

Al Paglia