Letter: President Obama Tried, But Failed

There is a huge difference between fact and opinion, and depending on the source of the media being viewed (or read), it is often difficult for many to distinguish one from the other. In an attempt to clarify vast discrepancies from one cable network (or newspaper) to another, we often refer to so-called “fact checker” sites only to become even more confused, as many of these sites are now controlled by political fanatics. It is difficult to find nonpartisan information these days, so we must read as much of a variety as time allows and form our own intelligent conclusions — then vote accordingly!

One of the letter-writers last week suggested that the 2016 documentary is anti-Obama and that we should read Obama’s book, Dreams From My Father, to learn the entire story (Nancy Tanner, “Responding To ‘Romney/Ryan’ Letter”). I saw the documentary and felt that it was an excellent study of Obama’s youthful experiences, through the eyes of those who knew him and his family on a personal level, in their own words. Many adore him still. I also read Obama’s book and studied everything I could find that was available in print, looking for an alternative to Sen. John McCain in 2008. Ultimately, I decided I couldn’t vote for this well-spoken, handsome young man who wanted to change America in a way that I did not want for my grandchildren’s future.

I greatly admire Sen. McCain and appreciate his service to our country, both in the military and in Congress, but felt that he would not make the ideal president for that time. Barack Obama’s way with words and his ability to connect with people was awesome, but in listening to his real message in detail, I saw that it was in direct contrast to what I and many Americans want for our country and our freedoms under the constitution.

Another writer suggested that the GOP is counting on mass amnesia, but I beg to differ (Richard Nielsen, “GOP Is Counting On Mass Amnesia”). I think, admit it or not, we all remember well that President George W. Bush worked with a Democratic house and senate, as did President Obama for his first two years in office. Under Bush, attempts to rein in the questionable lending practices leading to the housing downturn and eventual collapse were thwarted by the Democrats, with Rep. Maxine Waters going as far as to say it was just a witch hunt against Franklin Raines, the CEO of Fannie Mae. Rep. Barney Frank said if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Raines was later found to have engaged in questionable accounting practices in order to boost his bonuses. The blame game isn’t creditable, and our country has gone from bad in 2009 to devastating in the past three-plus years, fiscally and otherwise. It must end now.

For many who haven’t been paying attention over the past few years, the Democratic National Convention was quite a revelation as to the real platform of the liberals. There is quite a difference in how other countries view Obama as a leader and how they respect America as a world power under his leadership. Those unfortunate “open mic” blunders spoke volumes to us and to the world.

President Obama tried but failed, so the time has come for us to let him go — for America’s sake!

Marge Fitzgerald


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