Letter: Reader Responds To Piretti Letter

Freedom of speech lets us write virtually anything we like in a letter to the editor, but the assertion in Ronald Piretti’s Sept. 14 letter (“President Is Killing The Job Market”) that President Obama is “killing the job market on purpose” to lead us to a dependency state where “we will all be socialists and on our way to communism” is so bizarre as to demand rebuttal.

Aside from the rantings of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, where is there any evidence of this charge? President Obama has gone out of his way to preserve the American system. Case in point: Obamacare. Rather than establish a government-run system, the program delivers some 30 million new customers direct to the doorstep of private insurance companies. Do we have some social programs? Yes, we have Social Security and Medicare, both decades old. But they merely seek to provide a safety net so that seniors have some protections after a lifetime of giving to the nation. They do not impinge in any way on private enterprise.

You’re right, Mr. Piretti, that current job creation is anemic, which the president readily admits. But the fact is that we were in such a deep economic hole, as former President Clinton pointed out, that “no president, including me, could rebuild the economy in just four years.”

The evidence that does exist shows steady progress toward recovery. Some months it’s faster, others slower, as that is the nature of recovery. But the real question is, do we want to jettison the president who dug us out of the ditch and now has us moving back to prosperity? The polls show more and more Americans staying with Obama. I agree with them. What about you?

Jay Schleifer


  1. The Jewish community knows well that Obama has not gone out of his way to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama chose instead to be interviewed by the Pimp-With-a-Limp. You cannot break this argument, as Andrew Wilkow is famous for saying – Probably another broadcaster that you would not watch but are willing to criticize.

    Ronald Piretti provided us with an accurate evaluation of the Obama administration. He didn’t parrot bites on the Democrat controlled national media. The incompetent and complicit national liberal media wants us to believe that the riots and murders in the Middle East were in response to some crazy YouTube video that practically no one knew about until the Obama Administration gave it international recognition.

    Your supercilious criticism of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck no doubt lacks personal knowledge. Their success is evidence that when people are treated as adults and they are provided with indisputable evidence and clear thinking that the broadcaster will be successful. If you had watched Beck you would have seen videos that are true and accurate.

    On the other hand the left-wing progressive ideology that permeates CNBC has earned them the least watched news broadcast on cable TV. In fact Glenn Beck has more of an audience in his internet program than CNBC and CNN. Now that Mr. Beck will be on channel 212 on the Dish Network, his popularity will grow faster and the truth will be more widely decimated. I suspect that Democrats would love to subsidize the dying liberal media. On the other hand the conservative media that deals in facts and truth is growing rapidly and will not need taxpayer funding.

    I believe that Obamacare will eventually destroy private insurance. Obama took $716 billion dollars out of Medicare Advantage. So any senior on the Medicare Advantage should expect less medical treatment or perhaps that their insurance will be cancelled.

    Sir, Medicare will be bankrupt. 40% of every dollar spent by government is borrowed. It used to be borrowed from China but since treasuries under Obama have been downgraded TWICE, China is no longer buying our debt. The Federal Reserve is purchasing 60% of our debt with funny money.

    I think that most people do not agree with you that Bush did it. Obama took over $5 trillion in debt and now it is $10 trillion. You know of course that the FED is increasing the debt by $40 billion a month for “as long as it is necessary”, it will be necessary if Obama continues in office. Look for rapid inflation and bank failures under Obama if he is reelected.

    • Mr. Morelli, Your hatred of anything that does not smack of right-wing zealotry is evident in all your writings. Yet the basis of most of your arguments smacks of poor reasoning and this hatred. An example is the line “your supercilious criticism of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck no doubt lacks personal knowledge”. A lot of people (myself included) watch these people and then decide that they are inaccurate hate-mongers. A lot of people feel that they should watch and view both sides before making a decision. However you feel that if people don’t agree with them it’s only because they don’t watch them. You also say that “when people are treated as adults and they are provided with indisputable evidence”. This is only your (and Limbaugh/Beck’s) opinion that the evidence is clear and indisputable, many people disagree with that. And many people feel other sources of media treat them as adults. Your viciousness against anything other than right-wing zealotry is evident.

      However, your worst argument comes in that they are listened to/watched by a lot of people shows they are correct. This is the worst premise of all and you, as a lawyer, should know this. Just because a lot of people subscribe to something does not make it right. A most famous example of this is that for many years people thought the world was flat. Just because they believed that did not make it true. Another example is that many people believe in creation and not evolution, just believing does not make it so.

      Your other arguments are spurious and inaccurate as well. You blame nobody but the Democrats (never a Republican, even Pres. Bush) and the left wing media for all the ills of everything. Obviously so one-sided as to make all your ranting an embarrassment.

      Mr. Morelli, please stop your vicious ranting and your false premise arguments and your simple blindly following the gurus of the Right. Again, it is people like you who are just blind followers and not even willing to listen to the other side on anything that is ruining this country! Compromise is the way to go, both sides have some valid ideas, but when pure hatred and zealotry get involved nothing gets accomplished.

    • You mean MSNBC, Morelli, not the right-leaning, business-oriented CNBC. And in fact, MSNBC beat Fox News in ratings several times in the last week or two..

      But don’t worry about being accurate…as it’s obvious you don’t..

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