Letter: Tired Of Global Warming Deniers

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to Frank Morelli’s letter “Support For Mitt Romney,” published last week.

Mr. Morelli, in his letter last week, mentions so many inane things that it would take pages to refute him. However, he does use the term “Kool-Aid drinking progressives,” which I would like to respond to first.

If you read the letter carefully, one would realize that it is Mr. Morelli who is the Kool-Aid drinker: If Glenn Beck says it, it must be true! Mr. Morelli is obviously a global-warming-denying, gay-bashing, “birther”-believing, religious zealot — truly scary.

To refute more of his points would take a book, but let’s limit it to only one more of his statements — the one where he shows that he does not believe in global warming. Sorry, sir, but global warming is a fact, as is the effect humans are having on it. The controversy over this is among lay people, not among scientists. The scientific community is overwhelmingly convinced. This is due to repeated studies using the scientific method and the resulting overwhelming evidence. Yes, there are some outliers among the scientific community who disagree, but they are very, very few and far between. Mr. Morelli, do you also believe the earth is only 6,000 to 10,000 years old?

It is just this thinking that the National Center for Science Education (www.ncse.com) is fighting against. They started out by fighting against legislation to bring creationism/creation science/intelligent design into our schools as “science” and have now branched out to include the fight against global warming deniers. They have found an overwhelming match that people who believe one of these usually believe the other.

Is this a liberal group that has a leftist agenda to push? Hardly. Although probably liberal in their thinking as many scientists are, they do, however, rely on scientific research to enable them to come to their conclusions, and not the belief in a supernatural being or a Glenn Beck (who Mr. Morelli might believe is a supernatural being).

It is people like Mr. Morelli who are divisive and seem to be unwilling to work together with people of varying beliefs to make this country better.

I could go on, but let me simply end with this: better to be a progressive than a “regressive!”

Andrew Rosen


  1. Mr. Rosen bulllying is typical of progressive group-think in order to silence opposing opinions. You are better than that. It also saddened me that you are a self described atheist whose writing demonstrates hatred of Christians and Jews. Perhaps not Muslims, since that would be politically incorrect. But I am still praying that you will someday soon see the light and follow it.

    • Mr. Morelli, I have never bullied you and despite being an Atheist I have never demonstrated hatred against Jews and Christians. Where do you get that inanity from? And why does that lead you to assume that I am for muslims? I am not against any people. I basically am against the belief in a mythical, supernatural being. I believe in science.

      Why do religious people believe that Atheists hate them. That is not the case at all. There are good and bad people of all persuasions.

      Yet again, Mr. Morelli, you are so off target that you make yourself look foolish.

      • “Mr. Morelli is obviously a global-warming-denying, gay-bashing, “birther”-believing, religious zealot”

        Mr. Rosen you are better than this. You published these lies after knowing these are not my positions on gays. My objection to Obama as president has nothing to do with where he was born.

        I’m still praying for you sir.

        • Mr. Morelli, Perhaps Birther is not accurate, but you buy into the “Obama never went to Colombia Univ.” (as you stated in the past when you noted an ID card that was made up by who knows who. Not even the right one they used when the President went to that school) and by saying that nobody remembers him (many people do). Kind of in the same category as a Birther!

          I hold on my statement about gay-bashing. I understand that you have and would defend gay people on many issues but as I have stated, when you deny then the right of marriage, that is gay -bashing. Much like if someone would deny the right of African-Americans to marry caucasians, thy are race-bashing. (I understand your objection is a semantic one, but word meanings have been changed throughout history, I am looking at the bigger picture)

          But, really, Mr. Morelli, you object to this yet in a previous letter on this forum you were the one who stated “if you continue to vote for the Democrats you questions (my) morality”?

          But I do believe we should all go back to a more professional discussion.

          • PS – Mr. Morelli, this letter to the editor was sent in at the same time I posted it in response to your letter online. Your explanation of why you are not a gay-basher wasn’t given until later. However if you read my explanation above and the response I gave online in response to another letter you will see why I still hold, to some degree, to that belief.

  2. The above note was in response to a letter from Mr. Morelli that was printed in last week’s Town Crier. This response was also added online at:


    There you can read the back and forth discussion Mr. Morelli and myself have had. Unfortunately all the letters are not in the order they were written in so you might have to look at the time stamp on them.

    I am writing this in order to save Mr. Morelli and myself from cut and pasting or rewriting about 4-5 notes each, some of which are long.

    Please read those responses and then comment here! Thank you!

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