Burggraaf Publishes Her Sixth Children’s Book

Author and Western Pines Middle School teacher Deborah Burggraaf has announced the release of her sixth book, At the Pig Races.

At the Pig Races follows Burggraaf’s fifth book, Hot Wheels for Benny, which was well received by children, parents and educators. The same positive response is anticipated for At the Pig Races.

Burggraaf has teamed up with illustrator Matt Lumsden, a graphic design artist from Delray Beach, to create an inspirational story between a China Poland pig and the “little girl in the pink pants.” Families enjoy the annual events at the local fair with thrilling rides and fantastic food. However, everyone anticipates the main event for all fairgoers, arriving At the Pig Races.

Each year, Glorious Gabby has only watched from her tent as the other pigs participate in the races. Cheered on by the little girl in the pink pants, Glorious Gabby’s life is forever changed when one day Marvelous Max decides to not budge from his tent. Glorious Gabby has the opportunity of a lifetime, as she races to the finish line for the first time in her life.

With its vibrant colors and mastery of the spectrum, Lumsden has once again captivated readers. Parents, teachers and children will also welcome the lessons available on Burggraaf’s web site at www.dburgg.com.

At the Pig Races is published by Protective Hands Communications in Riviera Beach. For more information, call (866) 457-1203.


Above: Deborah Burggraaf