ShowChic Hosts ‘ShopTalk’ Event With Physical Therapist

Just in time for Halloween, ShowChic dressage boutique was filled with skeletons and a crowd as physical therapist Stacey Brown discussed the biomechanics of dressage for both horse and rider.

Located in Wellington, ShowChic hosts the monthly ShopTalks, sponsored by the Gold Coast Dressage Association, which feature various equine experts, from riders to physical therapists, sharing their knowledge with the dressage community. Brown, who specializes in neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation, spoke on the how the spine, muscles and external forces like the rider and saddle affect a horse’s movement.

“Stacey always draws a large crowd because every dressage rider, trainer and owner wants to better understand the mechanics of their horse’s movement,” ShowChic owner Michele Hundt said. “ShowChic has everything the dressage fashionista could want, from the latest in apparel and show accessories to jewelry and an unmatched selection. We are honored to host experts like Stacey and contribute to the dressage community.”

Brown elaborated on the motions of the equine spine, from flexion and extension to bending, rotation, and how the muscle groups act together and are connected to the vertebrae. Using real spines obtained from medical specimens, she demonstrated how forces like the saddle, rider and injuries affect how the horse moves and uses the muscle groups.

Brown also showed how the rounding and collection asked of the horse in dressage can create problems if the horse is being impeded by a rider sitting incorrectly, an unevenness in muscle development, incorrect farrier work or improper saddle fit. Brown has also been a contributing writer for the ShowChic ShowNews newsletter for over two years.

Guests at the ShopTalk not only received valuable insight into their horses’ biomechanics, but also had a chance to view ShowChic’s extensive selection of dressage fashions. ShowChic carries everything the rider needs to dress for success in the dressage arena, including well-known brands like Animo, Kentucky, Cavallo, Arista, Pikeur, Kinsgland, Samshield, GPA and Charles Owen. The newest Pikeur line of breeches and elegant tops were on display in a variety of colors.

Thanks to its extensive selection, ShowChic has become known as the ultimate destination for dressage riders who want to look their best in and out of the show ring. ShowChic’s mobile store can be found at show grounds across the East Coast in the summer and on the Florida show circuit in the winter.

For more information about ShowChic, visit or call (561) 319-2121. ShowChic’s online store is open 24 hours.


Above: Physical therapist Stacey Brown elaborates on the motions of the equine spine during ShowChic’s October ShopTalk.