Community Appreciation Day At Healthsource

HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab in Royal Palm Beach will host Community/Patient Appreciation Day on Saturday, Oct. 27 to honor the patients of the clinic and to say “thank you” to the community as a whole for the spirit of friendship and welcoming.

The event will include free X-ray screenings of Halloween candy bags and free health checks in exchange for donations to the local food bank. Throughout the day, there will be tours of the facility, educational programs and festive activities for all ages, which are open to the public.

The goal of Community/Patient Appreciation Day is to encourage residents and patients to visit the impressive HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab clinic and to participate in fun activities that highlight how chiropractic can be beneficial to their overall health and wellness.

The office is located at 125 S. State Road, Suite 103. Dr. Sandra Hernandez, owner of HealthSource Chiropractic of Royal Palm Beach, is a proud part of the world’s largest and fastest-growing chiropractic franchise, with over 370 clinics nationwide. As a HealthSource clinic, Hernandez and her staff work hard to offer exceptional care to each and every patient who suffers from injuries such as back and neck pain, leg pain, arm pain, carpal tunnel, headaches, shoulder pain and fibromyalgia. They apply a unique combination approach called progressive rehab, which is being successfully used across America on thousands of patients, and is quickly becoming the treatment of choice by many doctors.

Community/Patient Appreciation Day will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. To meet Hernandez and the clinic staff, or to see if HealthSource Chiropractic can help you eliminate your bothersome aches and pains, stop in for the Community/Patient Appreciation Day festivities.

Founded in 2006, HealthSource Chiropractic has rapidly become a leader in chiropractic profession with over 370 offices nationwide. By supplying its doctors with a comprehensive set of tools, HealthSource positions its clinics to provide a singularly unique healthcare experience to patients while focusing on community outreach and educational programs. HealthSource offers an exclusive 100 percent triple satisfaction pledge for their patients.

For more information, call HealthSource of Royal Palm Beach at (561) 792-4016 or contact HealthSource Chiropractic Inc. at (440) 934-5858.