Endorsement: Elect Aronberg State Attorney

The Nov. 6 general election is just weeks away, and Florida voters have plenty of to decide before they enter their polling place. From now until the election, the Town-Crier will offer opinions on some of the items voters will find on the ballot. This week we offer our recommendations for Palm Beach County State Attorney, two local congressional races and the two Palm Beach County ballot questions.

PALM BEACH COUNTY STATE ATTORNEY — Democrat Dave Aronberg, Republican Dina Keever and independent candidate Robert Gershman are vying to become the next state attorney for the 15th Judicial Circuit serving Palm Beach County. The race has been rife with drama and innuendo. While the sideshow qualities of this race have been entertaining for some in the local media, discussion of what’s most important — what each candidate brings to the table — has taken a back seat. Much has been said about Aronberg’s fairly limited courtroom experience, pointing to Keever and Gershman as better suited in that area. However, that is what former State Attorney Michael McAuliffe brought to the position, and he did little with it, failing to even finish the term. Aronberg, a former assistant attorney general and state senator, has a great deal of varied experiences and is more well-rounded than his opponents. He understands politics and government, and that is something this office needs. It is, after all, an elected position. This is a job for someone with management experience, someone who knows how to lead people, not be just a functionary. Keever and Gershman are extremely skilled lawyers. If either is elected, the county will certainly be better served than over the past four years. However, Aronberg’s experience makes him far more likely to take the office to the next level. The next state attorney should not just be someone who will clean up the mess left by McAuliffe but to see where the office needs to be and leading it in that direction, becoming its champion. From that viewpoint, there is one choice that stands out. The Town-Crier endorses Dave Aronberg for Palm Beach County State Attorney.