Letter: No Divisiveness If We All Work Together

Last week in the Town-Crier’s opinion section, Mark Bellissimo made some remarks that could lead some to believe that Wellington is not “one” as a community.

He stated that he would like to see an end to divisiveness and a beginning of unity in Wellington, and announced the creation of One Wellington, a charitable group he founded.

As Wellington’s mayor from 2000-08, a 31-year resident and currently the executive director of the Wellington Preservation Coalition, I know there was and always will be only one Wellington that I continue to serve. While I may not share his view of Wellington being divided amongst itself, with an anti-business attitude and low morale among village workers, I support his intentions to help our community.

Our goal is the same, and that’s to help Wellington retain its place as one of the best places to live and work in the United States. It stands to reason that if One Wellington and the Wellington Preservation Coalition share a common mission to promote unity, then we should be able to work together to achieve it.

Since its inception, the Wellington Preservation Coalition has been a unifying force in the community. We support a variety of groups and events, among them the Wellington Chamber, Central Palm Beach Chamber, Arthur Marshall Foundation, 1000 Friends of Florida, the Sierra Club, Wellington American Legion Post 390, the Palm Beach County Sports Commission Field Hockey Tournament, the Wellington Fall Festival, all amphitheater programs, and the upcoming Wellington Community Fitness Run/Walk. We’re also a diamond sponsor of the Boys & Girls Club Dinner-Dance and members of the Wellington Art Society.

While we continue our community involvement, we look forward to supporting equestrian and other village activities that all residents of Wellington can enjoy.

Mr. Bellissimo called for an end to wasting money and resources on litigation disputes. It is now time to tear down the litigation walls that exist and concentrate on building a better community together. He also wrote about building bridges. Assuming that the Wellington Preservation Coalition is on one side of the divide and he is on the other, we will gladly meet him in the middle.

We recognize that Wellington is a community of many voices and different opinions that need to be heard. That is why we are involved in forums that bring together residents and community leaders to discuss concerns and ideas.

That being said, the Wellington Preservation Coalition invites “One Wellington” and everyone interested to join us in promoting open, factual and respectful dialogue about issues that could impact our communities unique quality of life.

Let’s work together to “Preserve our Wellington.”

Please feel free to contact us at (561) 333-9843 or send us an e-mail at preservewellington@att.net.

Tom Wenham


  1. Having known Tom and his lovely wife, Regis for many years – I have to reflect back on the days when our equestrian sport was not riddle problems, dissension and strife. When we had Tom as Mayor, Gene Mische running the Winter Equestrian Festival and polo was harmonious; life was great in Wellington. The “almighty savior” swoops into town and chaos reins, almost from the get go! Can’t we find away to return to the joys and pleasures of the old days when every got along and everyone worked together. One bullie in the group can spoil a winter season for everyone and it is so sad.

  2. I’ve met him on a few occasions. We could all be so lucky to be that engaged, active and committed to public service at his age.

  3. From what I can tell, Tom has taken the high road in his letter: He’s offering to work together with Mark Bellissimo’s group. So why all the hating? What Mark is doing with One Wellington sounds no different than what some are accusing Tom and the Coalition of doing: buying public support. Mark’s group gave $14,000 to the high school marching band to put toward the purchase of new uniforms, which, by the logic displayed in these posts, makes his gift a bribe!

  4. Little minds think small. Great minds like Mr. Wenham continue to prove that you keep doing what you love no matter what and good things will happen. Let’s stay focused and work on what really matters. Keep up the great work Tom. We love what you’ve done and continue to do for our Wellington. You cared then and you care now. Thank You!!!

  5. The Coalition is a joke. Go the Facebook page and see total of 15 likes. I tried to contact to be a member but no response.

    No meetings. No newsletter. No info on website. They try and get attention and appear important.

    Why would anyone meet with Wenham?

    He is shameless. The Jacobs pay him to be lapdog.

    • Tom Wenham is a decent, honest, caring man who loves this town and has dedicated a huge part of his life to help make it great. He and his wife are two of the finest people you will ever have the priviledge to meet. It is a honor to be friends with them and no matter what you polictial feelings are, I can assure you, that if you took the time to sit with him, you would realize how incrediably inaccurate your comments are.

  6. Will Tom Wenham ever go away!!?? First the Jacobs spend half a million to get their council elected now they pay Wenham to watch them and guide them.

  7. The “coalition” is a joke. It is Tom Wenham doing hat is best for the elitists that upport it…….the Jacobs family, Robert Coker from big sugar and oil Baroness Victoria McCullough.

    They toss a few pennies to local non-profits to support a selfish agenda.

    I thought we were done with Wenham when he was defeated soundly for re-election. But old politicians never die. They become paid lobbyists.

  8. The Coalition is a front to make Jeremy Jacobs appear benevolent. They give a handful of coins to organizations so they can claim to “Support” them.

    Tom Wenham is Jacobs lobbyist. Another example of a politician milking the system.

    The Coalition does not have real members or meetings, only a board of directors that represents the Jacobs interests.

    Of course Margolis, Willhite and Greene kiss Wenham’s posterior.

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