Letter: The President’s Policies Have Clearly Failed

This letter is not about abortion, global warming, gay marriage, separation of church and state, animal rights or healthcare. This letter is about the economy, the bills that have been enacted and the policies that were put into place.

American credit has been downgraded twice in the past three years. The current national debt is $16 trillion. It is more than 100 percent of the gross domestic profit, which includes government spending; in other words, as a percentage of the private sector’s spending, the national debt is much more than 100 percent.

During the past three years, gas prices have doubled while the supply of domestic oil has been intentionally reduced. Oil rigs in the Gulf have left or shutdown. There is a moratorium on drilling for oil in the Atlantic, except that foreign nations are drilling there. The Keystone Oil pipeline construction has been stopped this year over environmental concerns. In the past three years, 111 coal-fired energy plants stopped producing electricity. That is one-fifth of the nation’s coal plants, and in the next three to five years EPA mandates will cause more than 200 more coal-fired energy plants to close across 25 states. President Obama said that under his plan, the CO2 emissions limit would bankrupt anyone who attempted to build a coal-fired energy plant.

Steven Chu, the current energy czar, said that he likes the European model where our gas prices would be more like $9 a gallon. Chu said that he wanted to move off of oil and into electric cars. Spain went all in for green jobs and now has 25 percent unemployment. This year, due to the government bailout of Solyndra, a solar panel manufacturer, taxpayers lost $500 million. As a result of the recent bailout of the auto unions, the government now owns 25 percent of GM stock and produces the Volt, the totally electric car that Mr. Chu wanted. The independent Congressional Budget Agency says we should not buy the car the government is building because it costs too much.

President Obama said he wanted to raise the capital gains tax for reasons of fairness. Many retirees have capital gains. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, nominally referred to as Obamacare, has slashed $715 billion out of the Medicare private insurance advantage plans, which cover most seniors and is their primary coverage. Obamacare has also imposed a new tax on everyone who cannot afford medical coverage or chooses not to be covered. If a corporation having more than 50 employees drops their employee healthcare plan and dumps their employees onto government healthcare, the tax will be less than the premiums.

Obamacare requires insurers to cover “children” up to the age of 26 years, probably because many young adults in that age group cannot find jobs, even with college degrees, and are forced to live with their parents.

The nation’s favorability rating in Europe under President Bush was low. The nonpartisan Pew Research Center reported U.S. favorability in Europe is now lower than when Bush was president.

President Bush obtained Congressional approval to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2001, the war in Afghanistan cost $20 billion, and in 2010 the cost rose to $105 billion. In 2011, the war cost rose to $118 billion, and more Americans have been wounded or killed during President Obama’s three years than in President Bush’s eight years. Fully 70 percent of those injuries and deaths occurred under President Obama’s watch.

President Obama proceeded without authority to wage war in Libya, a covert drone war in Yemen, a proxy war in Somalia, an escalated CIA drone war in Pakistan, an escalated war in Afghanistan all without success. The Muslim Brotherhood under Sharia law is in control of the vast Middle East, and testimony before House Armed Services Committee reveled that of the 85 percent of special operations forces in 75 nations around the world, only 20 percent are currently in Middle East. President Obama praised the “Arab Spring” revolution in the Middle East as the beginning of a new democracy.

Obama’s policies have failed. Give us one reason why he should be given a second term.

Frank Morelli


  1. Angela West speeks out

    “Ingrate” “Uncle Tom”
    The Plight of the Black Conservative

    This week, I happened to hear on the news the revelation that Stacy Dash, an actress whose last film I viewed was “Clueless” , supported Mitt Romney. At first, I did not understand the problem and then it was stated by the radio personality that she had committed the cardinal sin of any African American, she supports Mitt Romney for this presidential election. Gads! What was she thinking? Doesn’t she know that she will reap the vicious vitriol, contempt, and verbal violence heaped upon others such as Daneen Borelli, Thomas Sowell, Tim Scott, Allen West and many others who dare to stray from the Democratic, Liberal agenda? Doesn’t she understand that she will be called Race traitor, Uncle Tom, sell-out, racist, bigot? And this is just from Black people themselves! I have no idea what Ms. Dash’s career is about or how successful she has been since all I have been aware of is that one movie but several news outlets have gone as far to describe her as unemployed, untalented (but beautiful), “d-lister” etc. I even heard that someone who claims they have a Ph.D. told her to “kill herself”. Such is the plight of the Black Conservative, all rules are off the table, anything, no matter how vile and despicable is really OK, especially in the eyes of the media.
    I remember on the night of the primary in Florida, I had the occasion to speak with Eve Samples of the TCPalm, our local newspaper, here in the Treasure Coast. She told me that she felt that my husband’s opponent’s ad depicting him as a boxer with gold teeth ,beating white women and stealing money from Black families was “terrible” and she did not support them. Unfortunately, this bit of information remains her private feelings because she works for what can only be described as one of the two papers which form a liberal machine of information in the Treasure Coast. Her recent contribution to the paper has been to find veterans who want to bash Congressman West’s military career and showcase them. She is joined in this effort by the untiring efforts of the Palm Beach Post. One of the letter writers for the Palm Beach Post even went as far as to suggest that it is unfair that West even mentions his military service since his opponent does not have one! I am reminded of vets who returned from Viet Nam to be spat upon by those who chose not to serve. I don’t think that anyone who has never served should ever stand in judgment of those who did. My husband made the ultimate sacrifice and choice, his opponent’s most difficult choice has been between grapefruit or orange juice in the morning. Allen West retired with full benefits and honors, these armchair warriors intent on trying him in their newspapers do so with the most jaded political intent. But then again, such is the plight of the Black Conservative, all rules are off the table, anything, no matter how vile and despicable is really OK, especially in the eyes of the media.
    Which brings me to the title of this letter to my friends, “Ingrate” “Uncle Tom”, these were the words written on Allen West’s facebook entry by what appears to be a middle aged , Caucasian man. The word “ingrate” implies that West is ungrateful for something that he should be grateful for. “Uncle Tom” is an old word that implies some type of “race traitor”. Then I realized that that is the whole point. This vitriol, the total abandonment of objectivity by the press, the anger and so forth have as their origins a feeling of ownership. The idea that a person of color — in particular a Black American should not tow the Democratic line is totally abhorrent to many liberals. For this aberration, they will suspend all rules of decency, all morality, throw away any journalistic professionalism in order to destroy the offender. Consider this, the only thing that you have to say on MSNBC is “Chicago” and you are called racist, but any and everything is on the table for those who dare to be Black conservatives. It is the right of every American to choose the path they wish to follow. What has developed in the United States, especially the last 3 years or so has been the desire to control. I truly understand the fact that Black people see in Barack Obama many things and one of them is a symbol of having arrived, a representation of being part of the “game” and pride in the future. To many of the liberals, they look at him with a sense of vindication from feelings of guilt. But out of this comes a warped view that allows the display of hostility, prejudice and anger towards ANYONE who does not have the same view or even any person of color who bucks the “system” so to speak. Is this any different from enslavement?

    In parting, I implore the voters of CD18 to do their homework, do not rely on the news outlets such as TCPalm and Palm Beach Post for your political thought, they have become a shameless outlets for one train of thought. In order to further the debate and America as a whole, all people must have a say without fear of reprisal.

  2. Great letter, Mr. Morelli…! No, there is NOT a single reason for allowing Obama another 4 years….unless you want America to fail as a free nation. The debate showed us that this President is unable to function without the aid of a teleprompter, with information written by someone else, and without the “protection” of the media throwing only soft-balls to him. He showed that he is no more than an empty suit, only interested in winning another term and rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite. Romney and Ryan are going to win and bring this country back to its rightful place in the world.

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