Letter: Vote In Favor Of Amendment 1

On Nov. 6, after you vote Romney for President to repeal Obamacare, all Floridians should vote to pass Amendment 1 to our constitution that will stop the state government from ever being able to force individuals or employers to buy health insurance and mandate what must be included with no limits to how much a private insurance company can charge!

Yes, that’s Obamacare! We will all soon be forced by law to buy the healthcare policy that Obama designed for us — with no limits on how high the premiums can rise unless Romney is the new president. Government should not force companies or individuals to buy a product designed and mandated by government officials that must be purchased from a private company to which there are no price limits. Government should not even be permitted to force a company to offer health insurance.

If you want to take your money and risk it by starting a business, and are brave enough to hire employees, you should be able to decide what benefits to offer the people you hire. The worker can make his own decision if the job offer is acceptable. Many companies would rather use funds to pay a higher salary to employees and let those workers decide for themselves how to manage their healthcare. But it gets worse when you realize a group of un-elected bureaucrats will decide if your doctor’s recommended surgery or medical course is approved or denied based on rationing! Yes, I call that a death panel.

If Romney is elected he will repeal the law. But we must also have an amendment to our state constitution to protect us from future state legislatures taking away the rights of free citizens to buy the kind of policy they want — to spend the amount of money on a policy they can afford, to stop an un-elected panel of government bureaucrats (a.k.a. death panel) from gaining the power to approve or deny services and procedures your doctor prescribes!

When you realize Obamacare spends no money on more doctors yet allocates funds for thousands of IRS agents, you know there will be doctor shortages and rationing.

Vote for Romney to repeal Obamacare and vote yes on Amendment 1. We don’t want any law, state or federal, to force free people to buy a product (a policy) from a private insurance company with no price limits and no guarantee of service or face penalty.

Tracey Powers
Royal Palm Beach