Endorsement: Re-Elect Rooney To State House

With the Nov. 6 general election just weeks away, Florida voters have plenty of decisions to make before they enter their polling place. Over the next several weeks, the Town-Crier will offer opinions on some of the items voters will find on the ballot. This week we offer our suggestions for two local State House races and the Port of Palm Beach Commission race.

STATE HOUSE DISTRICT 85 — In this race, State Rep. Pat Rooney, the Republican incumbent in District 83, is running against Democrat David Lutrin in a newly drawn district. Rooney has completed only one term, but he has worked diligently during that time, sponsoring a bill that allowed county governments to waive the requirement for competitive bids on smaller contracts. While he is a fairly conservative Republican, he tries to downplay ideology as much as possible. He has broken with his party on a number of issues, showing that he has an independent streak. And though Lutrin is a solid enough candidate and would likely be a good champion of public education, we find little reason to deny Rooney another term. We salute Lutrin’s service as an elementary educator, and his desire to serve is admirable. He has good ideas, but Rooney is the stronger candidate in this race. The Town-Crier endorses Pat Rooney for State House District 85.