Letter: Stop President Obama Now

The upcoming presidential election is likely to be the most important election of our lives. Not because the economy can be fixed in four more years, but because the economy can be totally destroyed in four more years.

We simply cannot continue to print money to bolster the economy short term, because the long-term consequence is inflation. When that bottomless cup of coffee cost 25 cents, gas was about 31 cents a gallon, because at that time coal was firing steel plants that no longer exist in Gary, Ind.; Chicago, Ill.; Pittsburgh and Bethlehem, Pa.; and Youngstown, Ohio. At that time we had a heavy industry production economy that was the largest in the world.

Since Obama took office, 111 coal-fired energy plants have stopped producing electricity. That is one-fifth of the nation’s coal plants, and if Obama is re-elected, in four more years the EPA mandates will cause more than 200 coal-fired energy plants to close across 25 states. Obama said that under his plan, the CO2 emissions limit would bankrupt anyone who attempts to build a coal-fired energy plant. In four more years, there will be even fewer energy-producing plants and higher energy prices.

Because affordable energy is produced with coal, fewer coal-fired energy plants means energy prices “will necessarily skyrocket.” Not my words, those were the words of Mr. Obama. In four more years, Obama will be able to complete his energy policy.

Since Obama placed a moratorium on drilling for oil in the Gulf, drilling platforms have left or shutdown. They will not return as long as Obama is president. There is an Obama moratorium on exploration for oil in the Atlantic, but foreign nations are drilling there. The fact is that more oil seeps up into the ocean naturally than could ever result from an oil spill. Drilling for oil actually reduces the natural seepage of oil into ocean waters. In four more years, a lot can happen to increase the price of gasoline. The Keystone Oil pipeline construction has been stopped this year over environmental concerns. For the past 16 years the globe has been cooling, but Obama has turned up the heat on energy producers to put them out of business. If the energy policies of this administration are continued for four more years, the price of energy and gasoline will necessarily skyrocket.

Vice President Biden wants us to calm down because according to him, Iran does not have the means to deliver the bomb to a target. The administration’s position must be that they do not know if Iran has an atomic bomb, but if Iran does have an atomic bomb, this administration knows that Iran cannot deliver the bomb to a target. On the other hand, Biden told us that the intelligence community did not even know the ambassador was in danger. In four more years, the Middle East could be a much more dangerous enemy…

In four more years, unless we have a competent administration, the economy can completely fail. In four more years, Iran can have a delivery method to explode an atomic weapon over the United States. In for more years, our access to Arab oil can be cut off, and we could be exposed to an atomic explosion that creates an electromagnetic pulse that can shut down our entire economy. In less than a month, voters will decide our future. This is the most important election of our lives. Please vote because you may decide this election.

Frank Morelli


  1. Another excellent letter! It is amazing to me that Obama supporters could be so oblivious to the important facts you stated and the consequences of his actions or lack there of, for America’s future! Perhaps in their misguided support of Obama, they forget that people risk their lives to flee TO this country to get away FROM the very government that Obama and his administration are trying to impose on America? Big government has never worked and never will. We do not want socialism in this country and will forever fight to stop it, with God’s help. Gov. Romney truly loves America as does Paul Ryan and both are well qualified to do a great job.
    I look forward to the debate.

  2. The difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney is Romney’s instincts to look at a problem and seek alternatives to remedy the situation. Obama’s instincts are to play to people’s fears and uncertainty and craft solutions with more government control. An example is a campaign message which includes Scott Pelley’s interview with Romney on 60 Minutes when he asked if Romney thought it was fair to pay a 14% income tax rate when someone making $50,000/yr paid a much higher rate. A single person would pay 12.5%, a married person would pay 7.6% and a married couple with child would pay 4.5%. If all of the $50,000 was dividends or capital gains, under Romney’s plan, the person would pay $0. But why bother with facts. As a fixer, Romney would not have jetted to Las Vegas to campaign the day after the attack on the consulate in Benghazi. And then stand by for two weeks and let his spokespersons attribute the attack to a movie when on September 12 he stated it was an act of terror. He saw it as a repudiation of the administration’s mantra that Bin Laden is dead, GM is alive, and Al Quaeda is on the run. Better for the campaign if it was due to a movie. Besides, no one told Joe Biden it was a terrorist attack. And Captain Hassan’s attack on Fort Hood was merely workplace violence. How about a one trillion dollar stimulus and the shovel ready jobs? How about Fast and Furious and executive privilege?

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