Jordano Insurance Group Works To Find The Perfect Policy

Keith Jordano, owner of the Jordano Insurance Group, has been promoted to district manager for Colonial Life Insurance. Through his agency, Jordano works with Colonial Life Insurance, providing policies for local residents.

Whether it’s health, life or disability insurance, the Jordano Insurance Group provides it all. He is very pleased to be representing Colonial Life Insurance.

“My territory is pretty much all over the state,” Jordano said. “It’s a very prestigious insurance provider, and I’m proud to be representing them.”

Jordano started the Jordano Insurance Group in 1993 in New Orleans. In 1996, he moved to Florida, where he expanded the Jordano Insurance Group to include offices from West Palm Beach to Pembroke Pines, adding more than 10 experienced agents.

Jordano began his career after graduating from Loyola University in Louisiana. “When I graduated, I did government contracting for a while,” he said. “I decided to move on when an opportunity came up with Metlife.”

Working at Metlife provided Jordano with in-depth knowledge about the insurance industry. He learned how to put together life, health, disability, auto, home and annuity policies.

Armed with that expertise, Jordano began got another job working for an individual handling many national accounts. “I worked with that gentleman for close to nine years,” he said.

Jordano signed up employees around the country, from waste management companies in Texas to hospitals throughout the Southeast. “I’ve dealt with everyone from the owners of a business to the entry-level employees,” he said.

The Jordano Insurance Group is an independent agency offering a variety of insurance companies and plans, giving people more options. “We are not limited, and it makes it easier for us to come up with a good plan,” he said.

For Jordano, the key is to provide the right insurance plan for each client. “We don’t want to squeeze everything out of their paycheck,” he said. “The first thing we start with is health insurance.”

Jordano has a knack for working out a plan that fits the client’s budget while capturing the most important insurances he or she needs. “We work it to the middle, where they can get some benefits, and they can also afford it,” he said.

With the abundance of insurance policies available, Jordano explains to his clients the variations between each type, such as a term policy versus a cash-value life insurance policy.

“It’s all about sitting back and seeing what the person already has,” he said. “If someone has had a policy for a long time, you have to look at the type of policy to see if it has value in it.”

The Jordano Insurance Group also has a team of experts for various insurance areas. The group consists of agents who speak various languages such as Spanish and Creole.

“We even have a guy who speaks Italian,” Jordano said. “Because even if people speak English but that isn’t their first language, they tend to feel more comfortable speaking in the language they know the best.”

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Above: Jordano Insurance Group owner Keith Jordano.