Letter: Louda Supports PBSC Campus

This latest falderal over Palm Beach State College is a bit silly. The open public process with which PBSC went through over a period of a couple of years allowed more than ample time for opinions, counter-opinions and counter-counter-opinions to be voiced, petitioned, cussed and discussed. This small pack of Johnny-come-latelies and their petition is doing nothing but make our town look stupid, at best.

There are two things that the future of mankind requires. The first is clean potable water, and the second is education. Loxahatchee Groves is not an island unto itself. We are, like it or not, part of a wider community. Continuing education, whether just out of high school or adults returning for new skill sets, should be revered and pursued.

As to the protection of a rural, actually “ruralesque” in our case if you actually think about it, lifestyle, I feel that the town is doing a great job. We are keeping the impacts on a state highway, not bringing it into the heart of the community. The council, present and future, must stay vigilant to minimize impacts from any and all development along Southern. This will and must include traffic, and pollution, be it noise, light or chemical. I, for one, would hope that the council works for downward direction, low-intensity lighting, and cessation of classes by 9 p.m. with the campus shut down by 9:30 p.m.

To Palm Beach State College, I say, welcome aboard! Let’s sail the seas of knowledge together.

Dr. J. William Louda
Loxahatchee Groves