Letter: Middle-Class Tax Cuts Now

Our work is not over. We made our voices heard on Election Day. Now we have a responsibility to make sure our Congress takes action on what the majority of us told them what we want them to do. We can all help.

No one can do it alone. If we all want our vote to make a difference, we can’t wait for Congress to do it alone. Let your congresspeople and senators know that you are behind them, and beg them to vote for the extension of the middle-class tax cuts right now, and asking the top 2 percent of the wealthiest people in the nation to pay just a little more; back to the same tax code when Bill Clinton was president and brought us the highest surplus in our federal budget, the lowest unemployment and the best economic times of this country.

No matter what party you are for or who you voted for, take action now. It was apathy on the part of the people in the election of 2010 that got us where we are now. Don’t let “them” do it to us again.

Stay informed; take action yourself. Write e-mails, letters to the editors, share on Facebook, tweet, call, text or whatever your medium of choice is, but do it. Take advantage of our wonderful electronic revolution and make it work for you. If we all do our part, we won’t ever allow ourselves to be duped by any rhetoric.

Shirley Bass