Letter: Need More Voter Participation

Which central county municipality can get the most registered voters to the polls this November election? Let’s see if we can’t give these wimpy towns, cities, villages or hamlets here a chance to see if they have more voters willing to step up to the plate and be counted. You heard it: Greenacres, Wellington, Loxahatchee Groves, can you do better than Royal Palm Beach? Show us what you can do. Can you get a higher percentage voter turnout by 7 p.m. Nov. 6 than Royal Palm Beach?

At this point, our village can only boast 29 percent in the 2008 national race. Otherwise we are most unforgettable at 7 percent for March municipal turnouts. And then there was the great campaign of 2009 between “you-know-who” and “what’s-his-name” that brought out an astonishingly embarrassing participation of 3 percent. So if you were one of the 676 who did get to a precinct on that day in March 2009, you know who was competing but you are also the stuff this nation was built on and hats off to you.

As I am not authorized to offer a prize — which if there is a suggestion from anyone I am open to consider — I will ask the Town-Crier if they will post the final numbers big and bold in their first edition following the election. It is my hope that the results will be one that will make us all proud and not hang our heads in shame. Let’s all work together and get our neighbors to the polls, and remind our families and friends that this is the ultimate privilege. When casting our votes, we are the decision-makers for the future of our nation. Let’s get 100 percent. Vote Nov. 6!

Martha Webster
Royal Palm Beach