Letter: No Horsing Around

At the Nov. 13 Wellington Village Council meeting, staff and our five council members gave an update on the Equestrian Village litigation and their private mediation with parties involved in multiple lawsuits against our village. We, the people and store owners, are the affected parties as well, so where’s our mediation, and why was this not transparent for our rights and input for over 57,000 people as our village is trying to make only two parties happy?

Tell me if I’m wrong. There are multiple lawsuits against our village from one person who, in fact, illegally overbuilds without approved plans, zoning and permits, along with not following codes, knowing the risks and backlash from our community, disregarding the public’s rights and input and is still building. For the topping, small local horse farms, business with the same services, are at risk of closing if built the way he wants. Did I get this right? It’s about the dollars for him. Don’t we have many empty stores here in Wellington? Now he sues our village in order to get his way. This is called a bully in plain English.

Now let’s go to traffic. Have you been to our park on Pierson after school? I was a coach for many years, and sometimes I was late due to the backup on our single-lane road from both directions. So now he will pay to add a turning lane for traffic control onto his property. This must be a joke as it can’t handle traffic for the park and industrial park, and this is going to handle traffic for a stadium, park and industrial park?

The reason why it’s only one lane around there — it’s called a preserve and can’t be altered. Our village spent millions on South Shore for one lane each way. I was opposed as our village led us to believe it was two lanes each way, plus turn lanes. But when the equestrians only wanted it that way due to the preserve, that ended hope for low traffic and expansions of the area. This is called poetic justice.

Don’t get me wrong; as a land owner, he should be allowed the entitlements without pressure to change our codes or system — no more, no less — just like other landowners in Wellington. Money, power and influence doesn’t put him above the law and entitlement to be a bully in Wellington.

Bart Novack


  1. Anthony, I am curious as to how you came to “know” that the proposed building was only to be a private condo. Please share your source.

  2. We have no need for a “Hotel” on the corner of south shore. I live in that area and traffic is horriable during season. That hotel is nothing but a joke. Its a private condo!! It will not help our community but hurt it. We will loose a majority of season rental out of private homes and back to the rich! Thats how the rich stay rich is by keeping it b/t them selves

  3. Perhaps the three new members of the Wellington Council are responsible for the “multiple lawsuits against our Village”. Every year there are more and more onerous zoning regulations that are designed to benefit the collective and restrict private property rights.

    It is sad that a few people have forgotten that the right to file suit is a constitutional right to seek redress in court before an impartial judge who will apply the law equally. It will be interesting to see if the developer or the village wins. I expect after thousands of taxpayer dollars are spent, the three members of the Wellington Village Council will fold like cheap lawn chairs, just as they did when they pulled out of the lawsuit against funding the $9 million dollar Inspector General with taxpayer dollars.

    Perhaps instead of demonizing private investors who have a right to the use and enjoyment of their property, we should be asking about corruption that is not being investigated by the Inspector General. Ask why three elected officials are not representing the community. Instead they are representing two or three individuals who have a private agenda. Whoever the real culprits are, one wants to stop development, and the other supports funding the Inspector General with taxpayer dollars.

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