Letter: Perhaps There’s A Silver Lining

In a perverted way, I sometimes hope that Mitt Romney does win this election. His agenda is clear despite his flip-flopping on every single issue of importance. He will undoubtedly return us to the same strategies employed by George Bush — the strategies that buried us in the deepest financial gulf we have faced since the Great Depression.

The majority of the American electorate refuses to pay attention to the entirety of a presidential campaign, waiting instead until the conventions or the debates to ascertain the candidates’ positions.

Thus we have  that “severely conservative” guy, Mitt Romney, who, betting on the gullibility of the American people, has conveniently, unequivocally and unapologetically lied his way into becoming the moderate, peaceful man-of-the world alternative to the bogeyman, President Obama.

We have a news media that once proudly succeeded in the role of keeping our politicians honest, but which has now shirked its responsibility by becoming nothing more than a bunch of cheerleaders feeding on the anxiety of a polarized American public, having fun watching us twist and turn with each day’s polls, instead of holding Mitt Romney’s Gucci-clad feet to the fire when he reverses his positions by lying to America out of both sides of his mouth.

We are a country of powerful white people who have undermined and berated this president for four years, clinging to the last vestiges of a society that is becoming extinct, waging an internal war against the inevitability of a society that is quickly metamorphosizing from white America into brown America. We are, as well, a country of moronic, ignorant, white middle-class working people who are so bigoted that they will vote against their own interests in order to get the black guy out of the White House.

Americans can be assured that if Romney wins, the country will be in the hands of Grover Norquist, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. The wealthy will become wealthier, the national debt will rise, services will be slashed, Medicare as we know it will cease to exist, the middle class will be wiped out and the economy will go back into recession. We will all suffer for it, while guys like Romney won’t feel a thing.

And four years from now the American people, exhausted from years of trying to claw their way out of yet another Republican-designed deep hole, will have finally learned their lesson about the Republican Party, preventing it from ever again becoming a major force in our political system.

And we will all be better off for it.

J.R. Pisani
West Palm Beach


  1. Mr. Morelli speaks for the majority of us.
    In reality, the answer IS overwhelmingly NO, this country is much WORSE off than we were four years ago, and the debt is growing by the day! REALLY, JR Pisani…33 months of job growth? How many have given up even looking or can find only part time jobs? What percentage of young college grads, blacks and hispanics are jobless now? How many more people are on food stamps since Obama took office? The Affordable Care Act won’t be so affordable when you see your taxes…like the shovel ready jobs wern’t so shovel ready. Ask the women who work in WH if their pay is comparable under the Ledbetter Act, or did you miss that report, too? ..and on and on..! Obama is clueless about leadership and a failure as president! The facts are distorted by the left wing media on anything that might hurt his reelection…even Libya…such a tragic disgrace for this country. Yes, Bin Laden is dead. Four American men are dead and the media doesn’t report it. The real morons are those that actually believe that another four years of the Obama administration will be any better. If you prefer big government control over your life, MOVE to a country that is already socialistic. We love America as a free nation under God. Romney & Ryan are our only hope for getting America back on track for our children’s future. I pray that they are elected! May God bless America!

    • The short answer, Morelli, is unequivocally “YES”!

      Now, if you can manage to focus on something other than reading your own name below the moronic posts you submit on what seems to be an hourly basis, here are some reasons why we are indeed better off:

      – 33 consecutive months of job growth

      – over 5,000,000 jobs created in the private sector since President Obama took office

      – tax revenue as a percentage of GDP is 15% – the lowest rate since 1950

      -the Dow Jones Industrial Average has increased 60% since President Obama has been in office

      -The Lily Ledbetter Act

      -The Affordable Care Act

      Oh…and somebody named bin Laden is dead.

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