Letter: Traffic, Speeding Common On 60th

I just read last week’s story about the county getting the permit to start the last and final connection to State Road 7 (“ITID OKs County’s 60th St. Connection To State Road 7”). I about fell from my chair when I read that Alex Larson, who does not live on 60th Street east of Royal Palm Beach Blvd., giving her usual uninformed opinion about the only people driving that stretch are the people who live there.

Let me state for the know-it-alls that 60th Street east of RPB Blvd. gets as much if not more cut-through traffic than Persimmon. Those being the ones living north of the M Canal who will speed at 60-plus mph on a dirt road that gets neglected more than any other, just to beat everyone else. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office cannot be bothered to enforce the 30 mph speed limit now; what do you think will happen once it is paved? To not put in a turn lane down the middle and speed humps will be like living on the interstate highway. How safe is that for the residents?

I have lived on 60th for 30 years, unlike Alex Larson. Therefore I know what I am talking about. So before telling people that which you know nothing about, keep your opinion to yourself.

Steve Vassallo
The Acreage