Wellington Chamber Welcomes Arbonne International

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce recently welcomed Ana Melo of Arbonne International as a new chamber member.

Melo is a plant biochemist and representative for Arbonne International, a company based in Irvine, Calif., committed to environmental responsibility. Arbonne International strives to minimize its products’ impact on the planet by doing the following: utilizing responsible harvesting of botanical ingredients, avoiding the use of endangered plants, utilizing packaging designs that use minimal materials and are recyclable after use, using soy-based inks on packaging, and keeping recycling programs active at all distribution centers.

Arbonne International uses products that are pure, safe and natural. Its product categories include anti-aging, cosmetics, skin and body care, health and wellness. Arbonne notes that their products are free of harmful ingredients and are vegan-certified.

Growing up in Brazil, Melo was always interested in natural products, and unlike other kids her age, she liked to eat natural foods. Melo said she has always been concerned about toxins in products and even as a child wanted to study more about this topic.

When she grew older, Melo decided to move to the United States to attend Florida International University in Miami, where she earned a master’s degree in plant biochemistry.

Soon after, Melo gave birth to a son, who was born allergic to artificial colors, perfumes and fruit. This manifested itself in red rashes, eczema, psoriasis and hyperactivity. “It was the whole package,” Melo said. “This was chemical related. I had to change everything: Remove all chemicals in the house, change his diet — everything.”

Her son’s condition made Melo even more interested in studying ingredients used in everyday products and food. She started reading and analyzing all labels closely. “That’s when I got involved with Arbonne International,” she said. “After using those products, over time the problems went away.”

Because her son was doing much better and she liked the results of the Arbonne International products, Melo decided to become a representative for the company.

“All of our products are formulated without gluten,” Melo said. “They have no artificial colors, no flavors or perfumes, no parabens, no mineral oil, no phthalates (toxic preservatives) and they are dairy-free. Everything is vegan-certified. Everything is made from organic plant extracts, and we use a high-end technology to develop our products. This is the difference between Arbonne International and other companies.”

For more information about Arbonne International, contact Melo at (561) 251-0500 or ana@squitter.com, or visit www.arbonne.com.