Letter: Accident A Wake-Up Call For Intersection

This past Friday [Dec. 14], a serious automobile accident at the intersection of Pierson Road and South Shore Blvd. sent five people to hospital; one victim needed to be airlifted by Trauma Hawk for critical care. This accident is only one of many in recent years at or near this crossing, including at least one fatality in the corridor. These should serve as a reminder that there is an urgent need to address the hazards this stretch of road, and especially this corner, presents before yet another incident occurs with similar or graver consequences.

While the intersection in question is a gateway to the Equestrian Preserve Area, it also bears a significant load of Wellington’s commercial, commuter and residential traffic. It is a major thoroughfare for residents making their way to parks, schools and homes, as well for large numbers of horses, golf carts and people on foot traveling up and down Pierson Road on the bridle path. It is an intersection that would be directly affected by any future development in the immediate vicinity.

For more than 30 years, my wife and I have experienced the exponential growth of Wellington with excitement and some apprehension. This growth has brought goods, services and opportunities to the community that were only dreamed of 20 years ago. However, this growth has also brought consequences resulting from past planning that at times have seemed to us both opportunistic and flawed.

A traffic study, whose results were shared with the community last season, was, in my opinion, flawed. We were present at one of the presentations and felt at the time that the process used in the study was incomplete and did not accurately represent the actual number of vehicles, seasonal population growth and many other factors that contribute to the increased traffic on South Shore Blvd., especially south of Greenview Shores.

Traffic statistics were averaged over a 12-month period. This approach ignored the reality that traffic increases dramatically during peak periods of the year, and during specific seasonal events. Regardless of any potential future increase in traffic, the fact remains that this is currently a dangerous intersection requiring immediate attention from the Village of Wellington — for the sake of everyone’s safety.

Since the elections last spring, I believe the current council has taken a serious and thoughtful approach to the issues and concerns of the community; we would like to applaud them for that. I would encourage them to make the intersection of Pierson and South Shore a priority in their ongoing efforts to improve the safety and welfare of all.

Allan Shore


  1. There would have been improvements made to this intersection by the developer had this council not revoked the Equestrian Village approval.

    And we need a hotel at the venue site so people go to their rooms and not their cars at the end of an event!

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