Letter: Horses And Cars Don’t Mix

Over the past several years, we have witnessed many near accidents on roads in the Equestrian Preserve Area. My home backs up to Greenbriar, which is a cross street to the horse show as well as a through road between Greenview and Aero Club. There are two separate issues that everyone needs to be educated about.

Drivers need to be more cautious when driving through the equestrian preserve. Horses are animals that can be easily spooked. They cannot be easily controlled when approached by a speeding vehicle. They are also easily frightened by loud noises, like horns. These scenarios put the horse and rider at risk, and the vehicle driver at risk, if the horse becomes uncontrollable.

Riders need to be more considerate of vehicles. Because of the gravel streets, horses are frequently ridden on the roads. Vehicles also use these same roads, and riders need to allow for vehicles to slowly and safely pass and not have multiple horses spanning the width of the roads.

These are examples of how horses and vehicles need to safely occupy the same area as was originally designed. Would it be possible to do a public education news piece for everyone as the Winter Equestrian Festival will be beginning soon?

Judith Gordon