Letter: Santamaria Is County’s Voice Of The People

Like many in our community, I was outraged when I read about Commissioner Jess Santamaria’s being passed over for the position of vice chair of the Palm Beach County Commission, a position for which he was clearly in line. What kind of conspiracy resulted in this unfair outcome for a selfless individual who cares only for his constituents and, indeed, for all in Palm Beach County?

What comes to mind is the impression that some members of the county commission fear his dedication to the truth and to honesty in all matters. Nowhere has that been more clear than in the constant roadblocks that have been created by government against the inspector general, a position recommended by a grand jury and approved by a super-majority of voters in our county. First, it was a computer system that could not accommodate charges to the vendors to pay for the IG. Then it was 14 cities that filed a lawsuit against the IG, a move in direct opposition to what their constituents supported. It doesn’t take rocket science to conclude that someone has something to fear.

Those who fancy themselves in charge of the commission likely took the opportunity to connive behind closed doors. They should be ashamed of themselves and aren’t worthy of representing us. Jess is the one who truly represents us, insisting that he is not a politician but a public servant. He understands and supports the idea of a government of the people, for the people and by the people, a concept that some on the commission seem to have forgotten by ignoring the wishes of their constituencies.

Jess, we know that you will continue to represent us in a fair and unbiased way, as you have always done, despite the connivers who try to undermine your good work! We are with you.

Arlene Olinsky
Royal Palm Beach


  1. Santamaria is a petty, self-righteous, vindictive politician who is continuously antagonistic towards other commissioners. That is why he was passed over.

    We in the Western Communities are without an effective voice on the commission.

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