Letter: Thomas Euell Responds

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to Richard Nielsen’s letter “Nielsen Replies To Thomas Euell” and Shirley Bass’ letter “Middle-Class Tax Cuts Now,” both published Nov. 16.

My previous letter was written before the election and was meant to be included in the paper prior to the election. As for your facts presented on the oil situation, I would bet my last dollar that you, along with your liberal friends, blame President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney when gas rose to $4 during his administration.

Now, as for your carbon footprint, you should hook up with Al Gore and the millions he has been making on that rhetoric. You are obviously fine with $4, $5 or maybe $6 a gallon for gas. When Obama gets rid of the coal industry, you will have no problem paying thousands more a year for electric. Obama never mentions increasing oil production, and he cut oil production by 50 percent on federal land. Yet he had no problem dropping $535 million on Solyndra, which went bankrupt.

As for Romneycare in Massachusetts, you included a lot of facts, but you left out a very important one. Romney did not pay for it with taxpayers’ money. You think I am sarcastic and condescending. Instead, I could tell by the juvenile remark “Romnesia,” you were ridiculing Mr. Romney. This is a label constructed by Obama and his ilk because that is what liberals do. Obama could not run on his record of $6 trillion more debt, 8 percent unemployment, gas prices around $4 as well as the Libyan cover-up and fiasco, so he resorts to character assassination.

Romney did a good job as governor of Massachusetts, with the lowering of taxes and bringing in revenue. I would like to ask you and your cohorts to find in the Constitution where the successful and wealthy people of the United States are responsible for the incompetent spending of a government out of control. That is the equivalent of one living next door to a neighbor who runs up all his credit cards and you, because you are well to do, have to bear the burden of his excess. Remember, the government does not have one dime. Everything its spends is our money, and Obama is spending the taxpayers’ money like a drunken sailor. He has put my grandchildren and everyone else’s into debt with his $6 trillion boondoggle.

I would like to respond to the other liberal writer, Shirley Bass, that yes, Clinton gave us the largest surplus ever by raising taxes. As a result, in the midterm election, every single Democrat running for office and every single incumbent running for re-election lost with the exception of one, Bill Bradley of New Jersey. Clinton was also elected in his first term by 43 percent of the people thanks to Ross Perot. The Congress became Republican, Clinton did a complete reversal and accepted the Republican “Contract With America” by Newt Gingrich. You expect me to put aside my rancor and move on because Obama won. I guess you mean the same as you and your liberal friends did when Bush won.

Oddly, Medicare and Social Security we have been paying into all of our lives has somehow been given the label of “entitlement” and is now in deep financial trouble. Can you imagine what will happen under Obamacare, with an increase of 18 million people becoming insured and no increase in physicians? An unbelievable financial mess is looming. This country has become the greatest nation in the world in 200 years through capitalism, not socialism. The liberals have attempted to make “capitalism” a corrupt term. For you and your 60 million takers, “Greece is calling.”

Thomas Euell


  1. Liberals love to have it both ways. President Obama calls the Benghazi attack terrorism the day after, as confirmed by Candy Crowley in the debate. Five days later, Susan Rice calls it spontaneous, generated by the movie. Petraeus calls it terror related. Hillary Clinton calls it “the movie.” Clapper changes it from terrorism to “the movie” so as to not tip Al Quaeda off that we’re on to them. All this confusion and misdirection orchestrated to insure that the Biden narrative of “GM is alive, Bin Laden is dead, and Al Quaeda is on the run”, is not derailed by an Al Quaeda attack on our consulate shortly before the election. It’s just a bunch of Occupy Wall Street type knuckleheads getting rambunctious. Any questioning of Susan Rice is deemed racist and sexist. Are liberals suggesting we only elect and appoint white males to office, and positions, so we can conduct inquiries of their actions? Liberals love to hate George Bush, but they apparently love his tax cuts. Cuts which they used to characterize as “the Bush tax cuts for the rich.” All of a sudden they are hell bent on preserving them for the middle class. What changed? But wait. Let’s cherry pick and deny the successful the same cuts as everyone else. Forget about restructuring the 77,000 page tax code to eliminate tax avoidance schemes. That takes work and interferes with campaigning and appearing on late night TV. Let’s exact revenge on the successful. If the Clinton era tax rates were good for the country, let’s return to them for everyone , as well as the Clinton era spending levels. As for Romney’s healthcare act in Massachusetts, the key word is Massachusetts. We could have pressured our State government into enacting one for us.

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