Attorney Steven Duhl An Expert In Divorce Law

Attorney Steven Duhl is a no-nonsense divorce lawyer who protects his clients through the entire process. He understands that going through a divorce is one of the most difficult things someone can experience. The pressure on both sides is enormous, and tensions are high.

Duhl’s tough approach to divorce helps his clients get what they are entitled to. He uses a combination of negotiation tactics that allow him to protect his clients’ interests while not being intimidated by the opposing side.

Duhl has been practicing law for 29 years, having received his juris doctor with honors from the University of Florida School of Law in 1983. After graduation, Duhl worked at a law firm in Palm Beach doing litigations before landing a position as a criminal trial lawyer with the Palm Beach County Office of the Public Defender. For several years, Duhl worked for other firms until he realized he had a talent working with divorce clients. “I had a lot of divorce clients who thought I was really good at it,” he said.

From then on, Duhl decided to focus on divorce cases. “I was always told that you had to focus in on something,” he said. “Although I still do criminal and some bankruptcies, I specifically focus on divorces.”

The experience of being a trial lawyer has given Duhl the extra edge to be a successful divorce lawyer. “That’s how you learn how to try cases — working with people who can’t afford a lawyer,” he said. “How do the rest of these people learn how to try cases, if someone is not giving you a case and saying, ‘here go’?”

Trial lawyers are more experienced lawyers, Duhl said. “They are better lawyers because they know how to try a case, which is very important when you are in mediation,” he said.

As an experienced divorce lawyer, Duhl knows the ins and outs of divorce. “Doing this has become second nature to me,” he said. “I know what works, and I don’t even have to think about it.”

Part of this experience has taught him how to use his clients’ money and time more efficiently. While other lawyers may spend hours doing research looking for basic information about the other side, Duhl just asks a few simple questions. “Most have the information they spend hours and money looking for because the client already knows,” he said. “All it takes is 10 seconds to ask the client for this information.”

Duhl has a reputation for being relentless. “It’s what you have to do; it’s part of being a divorce lawyer,” he said. “I don’t want anyone messing with my clients.”

In order to maintain a balance, from the stress of being a divorce lawyer and keeping his health and sanity, Duhl has developed other talents. He opened a scooter rental and sale shop, iScoot Palm Beach, located below his law office in downtown West Palm Beach. It’s a way for him to escape. “After working for my clients all afternoon, it’s nice to have something calming to do,” Duhl said.

Duhl also has a blog, where he is able to express his opinions freely and openly. “I write about my experiences from my travels or daily activities,” he said. “It’s enjoyable, and it’s a good way to get my point across.”

Attorney Steven Duhl’s office is located at 325 S. Dixie Highway in downtown West Palm Beach. For more information, visit or call (561) 624-6306.


Above: Attorney Steven Duhl


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