Binks Forest Holds Annual Spelling Bee

Binks Forest Elementary School recently held its annual spelling bee, where the top 28 fourth- and fifth-grade spellers showed off their talents. The spelling bee lasted for 16 rounds.

This year’s final spellers were all fourth-graders. The crowd was on their feet when Siam Khan from Gianna Gouveia’s class secured first place by correctly spelling the word “audacious.” Esha Dudhwewela and Alexa Pamatat from Robin Alicea’s class placed second and third. Some of the words included“interrogative,” “impediment,” “archaic” and “subsequent.”

Khan and Dudhwewela have the opportunity to compete in the final local spelling bee on Feb. 21 at Saint Andrew’s School in Boca Raton.

Binks Forest congratulates all of the participants. They are as follows: fourth-graders Siam Khan, Johan Rotchin, Cameron Garcia, Xavier Bernard, Alexandra Lares, Esha Dudhwewala, Abbie Hynes, Alexa Pamatat, Kayla O’Connor, Mia Caro, Ashley Kung, Allison Alvarez, Alec Anzalone and Megan Shah; and fifth-graders Chelsea Hiser, Jacob Levin, Tara Kari, Ella Weider, Fritzgerald Duvigneaud, Milena Chib, Emma Rantanen, Samantha Govero, Hannah Sam, Melissa Richter, Zachary Stefansson, Ryan Bruno and Rhett Smallridge.

Above: Esha Dudhwewela (second place), Siam Khan (first place) and Alexa Pamatat (third place).