Groves Woman Authors Cookbook For Pets

Loxahatchee Groves resident Gemma Maguire Koder has written a book of recipes for cats and dogs. Titled Cooking with Napoleon, the book was published by AuthorHouse.

Proper eating has become a popular issue recently, but it’s not limited to just humans. The book offers recipes to make nutritious meals for cats and dogs, and Koder’s dog, a Yorkshire terrier named Napoleon, takes center stage. came to fruition through Koder’s efforts to make better quality food for Napoleon and Koder’s cat, Kim Choi Pei.

Though Koder has always taken exceptional care of the animals in her life, she sees more and more people making similar efforts for their pets. “Good pet care is becoming an awareness,” Koder said. “Pets are considered family members.”

Koder assures readers that her recipes are easy, simple and — as important to many people during this time of economic hardship — affordable. “Good pet care is a commitment,” she said. “They rely on us.” helps pet owners give their cherished friends and (to many people) family members the care they deserve.

Koder worked in the beauty business for 40 years as a salon, supply and school owner. Having recently retired, she transitioned into the insurance field and founded “This is a way for true pet guardians to make provisions for their pets to receive quality care if the guardian becomes ill… or, sadly, passes on,” Koder said.

Championing her cause of animal protection, she also started several organizations and sites, including and After having recovered from a stroke, Koder, along with Napoleon and Pei, will resume working various pet events with all profits from being donated to no-kill animal shelters.