Recovery Coach Arlene Sherman Authors Book On Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is a significant problem for many people. Addiction not only affects the user but everyone in that person’s life.

Certified consulting hypnotherapist and recovery coach Arlene Sherman understands the problems faced by everyone touched by addiction. She published her first book, The Real Dope on Addiction and Recovery, to aid in the support for all parties involved.

Sherman has a certification in recovery coaching and has been a hypnotherapist for 15 years, with a concentration in stress management. She is also on staff at two addiction treatment facilities in Wellington.

Helping substance-abuse sufferers is close to Sherman’s heart. She feels it is her duty to address this societal problem.

“Every 19 minutes in our country, somebody dies from a drug overdose,” she said. “That’s about 27,000 people a year, and if that many people were dying in plane crashes every year, we would be screaming bloody murder. But no one is screaming bloody murder about this.”

Through her book, Sherman urges people to recognize the importance of the issue while speaking to addicts and their families, and also serving as a resource for recovery coaches.

One of the most critical times for an addict is after a rehabilitation stint. Without aftercare, the addict’s chances of relapsing are high.

Sherman’s book is a guide for addicts during the recovery process. It touches on how addicts can stay on a clean path with aftercare recovery coaching.

“With aftercare, people who have substance-abuse disorders have double the chance of staying clean,” she stressed.

Sherman’s years of experience are what prompted her to write a book.

“People would tell me that I should write a book,” she recalled. “So I sat down one day on my patio, and I came up with over 40 topic headings.”

The Real Dope on Addiction and Recovery is the first part of a series of books that Sherman plans to publish.

“I had so much information that I wanted to share with the public about addiction,” she said. “I did not want to overwhelm people by putting it all in one book because I want it to be an easy read that someone with an addiction can pick up and read.”

Sherman is almost finished with her second edition, I Am Your Recovery Coach.

“Having a recovery coach is critical, but many people cannot afford one,” she said. “So the second book is kind of like recovery coaching in a box so that more people can get access to it.”

Sherman’s current book is divided into four parts. The first part is the introduction and addresses someone who is an addict. The second part is addressed to the loved one of someone who is a addict. Part three is addressed toward those helping, treating or coaching someone with an addiction. The final part of the book is addressed to parents of young teenagers.

“I don’t think that most people realize that 11- or 12-year-olds are doing drugs,” Sherman said.

Sherman hopes that people will read her book and apply some of her experience-guided techniques.

“I want everybody who I address to do these techniques that I mention that I’ve used in my own private practice and seen with my own eyes and with testimonials that they have worked,” Sherman said.

The Real Dope on Addiction and Recovery is available from online booksellers such as Amazon ( and Barnes & Noble (


ABOVE: Author Arlene Sherman in front of a promotional poster for her book The Real Dope on Addiction and Recovery.