Letter: Groves Petition Gathering Momentum

The front page of this newspaper Jan. 4 carried a questionably researched piece by Ron Bukley, in which he gave significant voice to the worst proponent of the Loxahatchee Groves Town Council’s anti-democratic and arrogantly autocratic nature (“Campus Work To Road Projects, Busy Year In Lox Groves”).

Vice Mayor Jim Rockett seemed to have told Ron the petition to reverse the council’s approval of the college was losing momentum. Ron swallowed it hook, line and sinker, and duly had Rockett’s opinion published. Seriously wrong on two major counts, Ron.

First, the petition isn’t to have the council’s decision reversed. In fact, it’s to determine if the people of Loxahatchee Groves would like a referendum as to whether the college should be in the Groves or not.

Second, had you been at the meeting of Thais Gonzalez’s committee members Saturday, Jan. 5 as I was, then you wouldn’t have even considered taking Rockett’s self-serving propaganda seriously.

Despite outrageous intimidation and threats of code violation being used as punitive measures by members of the council, the committee is at full strength with backup members ready to take the place of anyone the council’s threats cause to falter.

If the sense of empowerment and determination in the room Jan. 5 is anything to judge by, that won’t happen. One committee member even suggested he would be fully utilizing his rights under the Second Amendment were he to be visited by anyone from the council. Quite right, sir!

The movement is very strong indeed. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s a movement to preserve democracy, and this is still the United States, right?

In case anyone is in any doubt, here’s what happened. The five-man council approved the building of 60 acres of concrete in the heart of “Love it or leave it alone.” They didn’t consult the townsfolk, produced limited public notices and made no attempt to communicate directly with the people. And of course, no referendum.

A Martian here 24 hours would understand that on a matter so important and with such far-reaching potential effects on the community, a referendum was the only way to go.

The problem was that it would be too costly for the college administration to persuade everyone, so the council slipped it past the disinterested electorate in July and August last year when no one was around. Best not ask what made them do that.

Thank heavens for brave Thais, who’s showing the council they cannot get away with it and will get the townsfolk the referendum, with your help.

Let us be in no doubt. There must be a referendum. The people must be allowed to speak. Even though the council is doing its level best to gag us. I urge all free-thinking and true patriots to contact Thais and sign the petition.

Again, let me be clear: Signing the petition does not signify you are opposed to the college. (I personally am not.) It signifies you are a true American, a true supporter of free speech and a truly free human being. Remember this: “All that is needed for evil to thrive is for men and women of good character to do nothing.”

If you would like to do something good, demonstrate your freedom of will and help maintain democracy, sign the petition to get us a referendum, contact Todd at (954) 931-4634 or Thais at (561) 603-1313 or thais@dealisadealfarm.com. She’ll explain why she feels the townspeople should be given a voice through referendum, and then you can decide for yourself.

In the meantime, disregard “quotes” from despotic local politicians, even if they are in this fine newspaper!

Tim Hart-Woods
Loxahatchee Groves