Letter: More Republican Intransigence

The Republican Party’s credibility is lost. The talk in political circles regarding “re-branding” is laughable.

Simply wrapping the party in a shiny new box doesn’t do one thing to change its content. The American people spoke clearly and succinctly during November’s election by overwhelmingly rejecting the destructive messages perpetrated by Romney, Preibus, Rove, Cantor, McConnell and the rest.

The Republicans have made it easy to forget that theirs was the party of Abraham Lincoln. They have become a group of insular thugs whose only apparent purposes are to protect the wealthy, demean the poor and profess the liberties of freedom while at the same time dictate morality.

The next goal for the party of “real Americans” is to shut down the government and once again make this great country the laughingstock of the world. They simply don’t get it.

J.R. Pisani
West Palm Beach