Letter: Wellington Should Look To Tamarac For Senior Programs

I read in the Town-Crier about the Wellington Senior Advisory Committee meeting about helping seniors (“Wellington Seniors Board Holds Inaugural Meeting,” Dec. 21).

I moved to Wellington three years ago from Tamarac. When I lived in Tamarac, we had the best community center. We had a community bus at a small fare. It picked up seniors around the area and took us to the center, and we could stay all day if we wanted to. We had seniors in excellent health, some disabled, some with slight disability and some in wheelchairs. While there, I took classes in yoga, aerobics and zumba. We had movies, games, health lectures and places to sit and have coffee and chat. It was great.

Our membership was fairly low, about $20 or $30. After 6 p.m. one side had a gym and they had young adults come after work, and they had classes they could attend and exercise classes. I think Tamarac’s community center was awarded one of the best, so it would be a good model to look into.

Insurance companies sponsored many of the classes, so they were able to keep costs down, and lots of elderly [people] volunteered for many chores.

When I moved to Wellington, it was a big disappointment to find all it had was a seniors social club and some bus trips to take you to a restaurant and show. I think that’s great for people who enjoy that, but some healthy alternatives would be appreciated.

Anne Dehne