Javita Reps Tout It As Jitter-Free Coffee Alternative

Imagine a blend of coffee that not only doesn’t give you the jitters but also helps you lose fat and keep it off. With Javita, both are possible with only a prepackaged packet of specialty blended instant coffee and an 8- or 12-ounce cup of hot or cold water. And if you’re wondering where to find such a product, Mark Plaxen and Tom Bowman can help.

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Javita Coffee Company was founded in 2011 in Boca Raton by Stanley Cherelstein, a Palm Beach Gardens resident and CEO of health and wellness company Waiora. He developed the natural coffee blends to provide a way for people to curb their appetite and feel energized without the crash by drinking something billions of people around the world enjoy.

Cherelstein transformed Javita into a network marketing company so that many people can partake in the potential earnings. The company’s motto is “drink, share, earn.”

Javita has numerous representatives such as Bowman and Plaxen who help sell the product through the network. Bowman, of Jupiter, brought on Plaxen, a Wellington resident, as a representative. They work together to ensure people know and understand the benefits of Javita coffee.

Javita is something Bowman strongly believes in because he has personally experienced its benefits. “I’ve lost 5 inches around my waste from just drinking it,” he said. “The pounds just melt off of you. It stops you from being hungry, so that you’re not starving all the time.”

Javita is 100 percent natural gourmet coffee grown in Brazil. There are currently two types of blends available: Burn and Control, and Energy and Mind.

Burn and Control helps burn fat and doesn’t make you as hungry, and it combines natural ingredients such as yerba mate and garcinia cambogia. “Dr. Oz has even mentioned Garcinia Cambogia on his show and how powerful the herb is for weight loss,” Bowman said. “The yerba is also great because you don’t have the crash that normal coffee gives you, but it still keeps you energized.”

Energy and Mind gives people more energy, alertness and clarity to help with memory loss, combining herbs bacopa monnieri and gotu kola.

Javita is easy and assessable to people who are constantly on the go. “Each cup comes in a small individual package so that all you have to do is rip it, pour it and swirl it around,” Plaxen said.

For traditional coffee drinkers, the difference is minimal, with just a light roast or mocha taste. “It’s instant coffee, but it tastes brewed, and it’s good hot or cold,” Bowman said.

Javita coffee is slow-roasted to preserve the rich taste of coffee in every cup. There are no stimulants, and it does not give you the jitters regular coffee does. “It’s all about losing weight, gaining energy and making money,” Plaxen said.

Coupled with fitness and nutrition, drinking Javita coffee can produce great results in weight loss, said Plaxen, who lost 15 pounds after drinking it for a month. “I love drinking coffee, and in the morning instead of having my regular cup of coffee, I have Javita and a banana,” he said. “This way I’m not as hungry, and I don’t eat as much when it’s time for my next meal.”

For people looking to lose weight, it is recommended to have two packets of Javita each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. “You can control how much you eat with Javita, and it’s up to you to know when you are the most hungry, and that’s when you should take it,” Plaxen said.

For free samples or information on becoming a representative, visit www.myjavita.com/action or call Mark Plaxen at (561) 352-0298.


ABOVE: Javita Coffee Company representative Mark Plaxen with samples of Javita.