Allen Earns Naval Construction Battle Award

Navy Lt. Christopher Allen, a 2000 graduate of Wellington High School, was one of a group of sailors recently awarded the Naval Construction Force Battle “E” award, which recognizes outstanding operational performance of its Naval mobile construction battalions.

Atlantic Fleet winners are Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 11 (active) and NMCB 27 (reserve). Winners from the Pacific Fleet are NMCB 4 (active) and NMCB 25 (reserve).

While supporting Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, NMCB 11 supported engineering operations for three supported commands operating in 77 dispersed locations throughout six regional commands. Based in Gulfport, Miss., the battalion completed more than 70 projects and 46,000 mandays of construction, counter-insurgency operations and training support to Afghan engineer forces.

NMCB 11 improved force protection, enhanced freedom of movement, and improved quality of life for U.S. and coalition forces, and set the stage for the surge draw-down of U.S. and coalition forces and the eventual transfer of the mission to the Afghan forces.