Free School-Day SAT For SRHS Juniors Feb. 27

All Seminole Ridge High School juniors will have the opportunity to take the SAT free and on campus Wednesday, Feb. 27 as part of the district-wide school-day SAT administration.

On the testing day, juniors will need to bring a No. 2 pencil (no mechanical pencils are allowed), an approved calculator and a valid photo ID. Juniors with questions about the free school-day SAT should check with their guidance counselors or English teachers.

National Honor Society InducteesThe SRHS chapter of the National Honor Society is proud to announce this year’s new members, inducted in an evening ceremony Feb. 14. Seminole Ridge congratulates its honorary faculty inductees Kevin Cintron and Barbara Cloran, and the following student inductees: Beatriz Arteaga, Shayla Bass, Tyler Beck, Nori Benjamin, Rebecca Birch, Kaitlyn Bolander, Chad Bonincontri, Alanna Brescia, Jazmyn Brown, Cindy Cabrera, John Caprio, Enelia Carrero, John Christian, Teresa Cioffoletti, Samantha Clothier, Benoit Cloutier, Kayla Cox. Aaron Davis, Shanira Delgado, Nicholas Diasio, John DiCampli, Andres Duenas, Victoria Dukharan, Lauren Escalada, Sabrina Fischer, Cody Fishman, Roman Fernandez, Sarah Fordin, Jessica Gamble, Michael Garro, Allison Gatyas, Jose Gonzalez, Brandon Gordon, Daisia Grafton, Tyler Graham, Randa Griffin, Kaitlyn Guncheon, Chad Hamann, Corey Hampson, Stephen Harris, Heather Kendall, Ramiz Kirmani, Anisa Kornegay, Taylor Lamoureux, Brad Lewis, Juan D. Lopez, Juan P. Lopez, Laura Louberti, Amanda Lowe, Bailee Machado, Shea McKenna, Andrew Melville, Jamie Miller, Luke Miller, Sarah Milstead, Keith Miner, Suzette Mojica, Samantha Morgan, Morgan Musgrove, James Nunez, Victoria Osborne, Parth Patel, Leda Paul, Carolina Pereira, Abyu Perez, Sarah Persson, Brandon Phan, Briana Posner, Cameron Powell, Camilo Salazar, Victoria Simmons, Althea Smith, Nicki Smith, Andrew Smith, Gabrielle Sousa, Jordan Suarez, Robert Snyder, Austin Taylor, Erika Thompson, Rachel Trimble, Mark Vernon, Travis Virgo, Taylor Waddell, Thomas Walker, Rachel Warren, Jessica Waymire, Sabrina Whirlow, Olivia Williams, Nyla Williams, Michael Wilson, Brandon Wilson, Antonyo Woods and Camilia Yepes.

Saralee Doll Featured in History Exhibit — In recognition of February as African American History Month, an exhibit in the SRHS media center features what English teacher Lynn Moylan calls “a piece of history that occurred in our own back yard.”

Her copy of a Saralee doll is included in the exhibit, along with newspaper and magazine articles describing the doll’s creation. “The doll, produced in 1952, was one of the first black dolls to be sold in the U.S., and the inspiration of a white Belle Glade resident, Sara Lee Creech,” Moylan said.

Facilitated by writer Zora Neale Hurston and former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Creech’s idea of the Saralee doll changed from an idea to a reality.

Hawk students Sara Buffett, Danielle Dominique, Danay Farina and Courtney Wilcox assisted in designing and preparing this portion of the exhibit.

February is Dental Health MonthThe SRHS clinic program reminds all Hawks and their families that the Florida Department of Health has designated February as National Children’s Dental Health Month. The clinic offers the following dental advice:

Fluoride makes teeth stronger, protecting them from decay. Community water fluoridation is the safest, most effective way to prevent decay, along with school-based fluoride mouth rinse programs. Remove dental plaque by practicing daily oral hygiene, brushing twice daily for two minutes with a soft toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Replace toothbrushes when the bristles fray. Maintain a proper diet, choose low-sugar snacks, and avoid sweets that stick to teeth. Schedule regular dental checkups to assess the risk of childhood cavities or other dental problems.


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