Helen Grybko Celebrates Her 104th Birthday

Helen Grybko celebrated her 104th birthday Friday, Feb. 8, surrounded by friends and family at NuVista Living in Wellington. The party was complete with cake, decorations and entertainment.

Grybko turned 104 in very good health, with only some trouble hearing and seeing, and she is considered a “firecracker” at NuVista.

Originally from Hatfield, Mass., Grybko went to Deerfield Academy and later worked at Miller Falls, a tool company, supplying arms for World War II. Later on, Grybko settled on a farm with her husband where they raised tobacco, corn and tended cows. She has four children: Dorothy, Shirley, Charlotte and Frank.

A few of Grybko’s favorite things are her memories of traveling to Europe, teddy bears and the color green. She also enjoys all of the activities that she is involved in at NuVista, including music, religious services and exercise.

NuVista Living is a newly constructed state-of-the-art health center providing the most technologically advanced, skilled nursing and post-acute rehabilitation facilities to help each patient get back to an active lifestyle. NuVista offers private rooms to every patient and healthy, high-end cuisine in order to create an environment that treats the residents with the outmost respect.

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Helen Grybko celebrates her birthday with NuVista Living Activity Director Nicole Guadagni.