Letter: Not A Fan Of Todd McLendon

Todd McLendon is running against Jim Rockett for Seat 2 on the Loxahatchee Groves Town Council based on a mix of misinformation and fiction. Unfortunately, McLendon’s misguided policies won’t do anything for our town except waste our tax dollars, cause unproductive internal dissension, prevent/delay needed road improvements, and give our town a bad name.

Consider McLendon’s campaign to stop Palm Beach State College from locating at Southern Blvd. and B Road. As stated in the Town-Crier editorial of Nov. 30, “Not only is [this initiative] poorly timed, but its intentions are misguided — and the consequences could be disastrous.” The editorial goes on to say, “Town officials are worried the petition will affect their relations with the college, which could be left holding a $4.5 million parcel of land and nothing to do with it, should the petition succeed. And if that were to happen, it’s likely that cost would ultimately be passed on to Loxahatchee Groves taxpayers.”

The attorney for the college, in a letter to the town, confirmed this, indicating that McLendon’s initiative and referendum violates several Florida statutes and that the town will indeed be held accountable for the $4.5 million that the college paid for the land subsequent to the town council’s approval. Did you know that $4.5 million is equivalent to 22 years of the property taxes we all pay to the town?

Virtually all elected officials, community leaders, attorneys and professional planners who have weighed in on the issue agree. Nevertheless, Todd McLendon continues to defy logic and to come up with even more misleading and destructive rhetoric. Clearly he is not listening to the facts. It is now up to the voters of Loxahatchee Groves to set him straight by re-electing Jim Rockett on March 12.

Elise Ryan
Loxahatchee Groves


  1. So where is the comment from Loxahatchee Groves’ attorney? How come he has not said that is an illegal process?
    Apparently Mr. Ryan knows more that the attorney we paid for with our taxes…
    The college attorney can claim whatever they want…it does not mean they are right or that they will get it.

  2. Be careful who you choose to back you. Some people will stop at nothing to stay in power and sequester the people’s rights to vote. “Poorly timed” petition was done at the only time it could be legally done. If letting the people to have a say so on huge matters of this town is a waste of time and money than I am guilty. Fortunately some people think the right to vote is worth the minimal cost. There are no Florida statutes that say the town will be liable for anything. In fact state law specifically says just the opposite. If you would like to vote for someone who surrounds themselves with people who want to suppress your rights and inundate you with lies than do nothing and keep Rockett in power. If you want the right to vote and want accurate information than do not vote for Rockett.

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