Letter: Stop Opposing Reasonable Gun Regulations

It’s no coincidence that the same people who refused to protect their disabled fellow human beings in 2012, by voting “no” on the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, are the same people who refuse to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, and are the exact same group of people who protect the powerful NRA and refuse to even speak about changing our violent, gun-crazy society.

Among their ranks are bigots, hypocrites and greedy gun lobbyists who believe that the right to own a military-style assault rifle trumps the rights of children to grow up safe, or for any of us to feel safe in public places.

These are the exact same people who demonize teachers, firefighters, police and all public employees, insisting that they earn too much.

These are the same people who demean the Office of the President of the United States by their unreasonable hatred of President Obama and their unified obstruction of America’s progress, including revising the Second Amendment, written by men who could never have envisioned the death toll of one assault weapon.

Many of the same characters are also gun lovers who regulate the type and amount of ammunition that can be used to shoot ducks but have no such rules pertaining to the shooting of people. In January, some gun nuts had fun heckling the father of one of the tiny victims of Newtown, as he held a photo of his son during an interview when he condemned the use of assault weapons.

The same party that believes that caring about your community is “communism” believes that the answer to gun violence is more gun violence.

It’s not a coincidence; it’s a value system and an ideology. It’s an ideology that threatens to change the values and principles of the American people. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, I hope and pray that doesn’t happen.

Gwynne Chesher


  1. watch this video to see a logical argument that is so necessary for us to be good stewards of the votes we cast.


    Then see how the speaker who is a world renowned neurosurgeon explains why he said what he said. Especially the part about how the media impacts our opinions.


    Then see how the speaker who is a world renowned neurosurgeon explains why he said what he said. Especially the part about how the media impacts our opinions.


  2. Perhaps the reason why some citizens of the United States do not want to submit to the rule of the United Nations is that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. The Americans With Disability Act under the U.S. Constitution offers better protection than could the United Nations.

    You understand that the Democrat controlled Senate is the body that is failing to pass the Violence Against Women act right? That Eric Holder and the U.S. attorney’s office refuses to prosecute almost half of the violent crimes committed by non-Indians, and two-thirds of those cases involved sexual abuse. So those people who refuse to protect their disabled fellow human beings in 2012 were the Democrat controlled Senate and the Democrat Attorney General.

    I don’t believe that greed is what is motivating proponents of the Second Amendment Constitutional right to own weapons of self defense against criminals. And upholding the U.S. Constitution is not bigotry, it is patriotism and not hypocrisy.

    Teachers should be protected by officers who have guns, but people who are hysterical about guns do not want guns, even in the hands of police and trained professional. To my way of thinking exposing teachers to the threat of death at the hands of an out of control person is more than demonizing them it is killing them.

    Perhaps you might give thought to the possibility that a person can respect the president but disagree with his policies. As for hate, I seem to remember when George W. Bush was in office that there was a lot hate coming from his opponents who chanted “Bush lied and men died”.

    The people who regulate hunting for animals are probably not the same people who hunt humans.

    The answer to gun violence is not more gun restrictions. You can look up the statistics and you will find that cities like Chicago and Washington D.C. that have the strictest gun regulations have the most gun violence.

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