Letter: Chamber Responds To Greene Comment

Editor’s note: The following letter is addressed to Wellington Councilman John Greene. It refers to the March 12 council discussion of a new medical office building on State Road 7. A copy was forwarded to the Town-Crier for publication.

Councilman Greene:

It has been brought to my attention that at the March 12 council meeting, you once again took it upon yourself to make an unwarranted comment about the Wellington Chamber of Commerce. It is both an embarrassment and disservice to our residents for you to utter misstatements of fact from your position on the dais. It shows how uninformed you continue to be regarding matters in your own village after a year in office.

Since you continue to misspeak about issues surrounding the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, it is apparent I must correct you.

I personally met with Dr. [Lori] Mazza and village staff last summer with the hopes of bringing her practice to the village. Together, she and I met with staff who, as always, were well informed and accommodating. We discussed at great lengths the benefits to doing business in our community and ultimately, through village staff’s diligence, were able to convince her to bring her practice to Wellington.

Not only was the chamber well aware of zoning issues, we were also diligent in requesting staff assistance in zoning issues relating to her desire to build her practice here. Should you need those e-mail correspondences and are unable to get them through your own village interoffice communication, I am happy to provide them. We were instrumental in making certain that all of her issues were addressed well in advance of the March 12 meeting.

To date, I have not received the memo from you indicating that it was our job to be the presenting applicant on each and every issue involving the land development regulations that come before the council, to be there to speak in favor of each and every non-controversial issue. However, if you would like to provide my board with a copy thereof, I am sure that we will work toward accommodating you in the future. Even better, if you would like to defer your decision-making to the chamber, I am certain that we would do a better job of dealing fairly and even handedly with all the applicants in the village, and not just those who supported you.

Since you bemoan ad nauseam about how you are constantly being picked on unfairly, you might exercise a little vocal restraint in the future until you educate yourself regarding the facts and before choosing to disparage this organization again.

You are the cause of your own continuing and ongoing embarrassment, and I am fearful we will be unable to attract new business to Wellington should potential candidates have any interest because of your lack of research and knowledge about who is really working for the benefit of this entire community.

Michela A. Perillo-Green, Executive Director, Wellington Chamber of Commerce


  1. When you pluck someone off a barstool and set him up as a bonafide one issue candidate, well…………………..

  2. Shauna Hostetler was declared and certified as the winner, but a recount showed Greene had more votes in the election. Corruption Village? Maybe we need a grand jury to tell us what to do to make sure the proper person is elected? Or maybe the $9 million dollar a year Inspector General could just make sure that the machines work.

  3. Enough of this… everyone is tired of the backhanded remarks from the dais. Councilman Greene could use some etiquette classes. He is a public servant and should be reminded as such.

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