Letter: Former RPB Councilwoman Supports Swift

As a former 25-year resident of Royal Palm Beach who also had the privilege of covering the Royal Palm Beach Village Council for this newspaper from the mid-1980s to 1991, as well as the honor of serving on that same council as a councilwoman, I heartily endorse the candidacy of David Swift.

I met David 27 years ago when I was a news reporter for the Town-Crier and he was a councilman. That period was one of stunningly fast growth for Royal Palm Beach and council members were charged with some challenging decisions, which would forever impact the community.

Basically, there was nothing the village didn’t need, with the growing influx of residents and demands for services and amenities. Schools; road improvements; landscape, sign and code ordinances; police and fire-rescue protection — all needed attention and improvement. The key was to find a way to do so without raising taxes to unaffordable levels.

David proved his leadership during those earlier days by offering logical, well-planned methods to achieve the goals and needs of Royal Palm Beach residents. When our high school-aged children were being bused because there was no Royal Palm Beach High School, David was instrumental in tirelessly working to assure that village students would get their own high school. The task was difficult, lengthy and daunting. Thanks in large part to David’s efforts, the goal of a high school for the community was achieved.

I strongly encourage village residents to look around the community. If you see adequate roadways, schools, landscaping, outstanding police and fire protection, parks and recreation programs and a tax structure greatly enhanced by the sale of the village’s water/sewer utility to the county which netted $60 million to invest, then know that David Swift helped provide it all through his work as a councilman.

As a biologist for the South Florida Water Management District, David applied scientific methods incorporating logical protocols to his work projects. He used the same approach on the council and made decisions based on his commitment to the needs and safety of village residents.

As a long-time resident, David knows Royal Palm Beach and as a previously elected “elder statesman,” he knows the council. Under his sage and unwavering leadership, Royal Palm Beach grew into a community that is the envy of many others. He casts a discerning eye on budgets, and during his tenure as councilman, David and his colleagues worked together to reduce taxes for 16 years while at the same time increasing village services and amenities. That is no small feat.

For the 27 years I have known and worked with him, I have found David to be thoughtful, highly intelligent, uncommonly insightful and congenial. His ability to work well with others to achieve important objectives is unparalleled and I would submit that sound experience and logic know no gender. David represents all village residents: men and women; boys and girls.

I strongly encourage village voters to return David Swift to Royal Palm Beach Village Council.

Barbara Yoresh, Vero Beach

Editor’s note: Ms. Yoresh went by the name Barbara Isenberg when she sat on the Royal Palm Beach Village Council.